10 YouTube Videos of Japanese Female Sex Workers

 By searching YouTube in the Japanese language, you can find movies about Japan’s sex business which you can’t in English.

 In this post, you can view YouTube videos of Japanese female sex workers. Some establishments use it to attract customers.

 I guess it might be interesting for those who doesn’t use Japanese to view such kinds of movies.

 Naturally, YouTube doesn’t allow naughty content, so don’t expect anything sexual.

 Not many of them show their real face, because they want to protect their privacy. But I think it gives you certain ideas of what they are like.

 Ryou at a deri-heru, “Shinjuku Night Venus.” She’s totally new to the sex business. This is her first photo shooting in her life.

 Kanae at “E plus.” It’s one of the most popular establishments in Tokyo.

 Actually, when I worked for a hote-heru club, three girls who had been once at E plus came to interviews there. All three of them were stunning. They all passed, of course.

 Otoha at “TOKYO LOVE MACHINE.” She says, “My measurements are 84, 58, 85 cm. I like chatting a lot. I’m looking forward to having a good time with you. I can’t wait a call from you.”

 Reina belongs to a big group of sex establishments, “Number One Group.” It delivers female sex workers like her to Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama Prefectures.

 Natsuki is a 19-year-old college student, working for “Deriheru Tokyo.” Busty and Slender.

 You can meet Mii at a hoteheru in Kabukicho. Her message says, “I’m so shy. Please lead me gently.”

 Shizuka works at a hote-heru club, “Ikebukuro Lip,” a very famous and popular sex establishment.

 Aoi at “Celeb Lip” has impeccable features, a slender figure, and gentile personality. She gives amazing service. So the description says.

 Nao works for a soapland in Yoshiwara, “Lavieen Rose.” I recommend all of you to experience soaplands’ service at least once in a lifetime. I’m sure it’ll amaze you.

 Shizuka is also a soap lady at “Tiara.” She’s incredible, too.

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