11 Biggest Groups of the Sex Business in the Tokyo Area

 The sex industry is often associated with prejudice.

 Still, it’s a business. One has to be serious about it. Customers pay not a small amount of money for the service she or he offers.

 Many sex clubs obligate employees to wear suits. Such clubs are more than those which have no uniform regulation. I’d never worn suits until I got into this industry. Now I like them most among all kinds of clothes.

 To enter the sex business as staff, you don’t need any academic background or specialized skills. All you need is motivation and the healthy body. More and more people get into the workforce or launch new establishments.

 At the same time, there are a higher ratio of those who are poorly educated, have an attitude problem or can’t find a job in other areas. As a result, it has the aspect of wild card policy to a degree.

 It happens in other areas, too. The sex business is not special.

 For example, it’s often related to organized crime groups. Yakuza is seen anywhere in Japan, such as the construction or automotive sales industries. I know people deeply involved in both. There must be more.

sexgroup If you don’t care about the prejudice and can work in a serious attitude, you have a great opportunity here.

 Unit price per sale is relatively high. Sales are based on an insatiable desire. A company president told me, “A great part of running sex establishments is, you can always recover quick and easy from any weakening.”

 He manages two sex clubs. There are tons of enterprises which operate dozens. I’m going to list up the eleven biggest fuzoku groups in Tokyo.

 By the way, it’s become commonplace to use the word “group” to company names in Japan’s sex industry.

1. Cinderella

 I started my career here. It operates deri-heru and hote-heru.

 The chairman of the group is a resident Korean.

 Its internet strategy is advanced. It’s one of the top classes throughout the country.

 It has departments of the Web like retouch or SEO. When you take pictures of women on the spot, you send them to the retouch staff via a special site, and they immediately photoshop and send them back. I have talked with some of them. The search engine optimization sounded like the real thing.

 It’s well-known for the degree of photo-editing. The difference between the profile pics and the real women is too wide. They look like mannequins or The House of Wax.

2. Yumemiru Otome

 Yumemiru Otome means “dreaming girl.”

 The chairman of the Cinderella Group is the elder brother of that of this group. The manners of operation are similar to each other in many ways.

 In 2011, the police arrested him. The news shocked around the industry, because it’s extremely rare for company presidents to get busted. There has been no rumor about him since then, and the group continues to run as if nothing happened.

 It’s affiliated with the Grace Group, another big enterprise running multiple clubs in Tokyo.

3. Tokyo Design

 It operates deri-heru alone.

 It’s known for their high level of women. Both customers and insiders agree that a large proportion of female sex workers there are fairly attractive.

 Many female workers wander from club to club. Several women from the group came to the establishment I worked for to undergo an interview. All of them passed.

 I’m sure the Tokyo Design Group has a strict standard of hiring and rejecting.

4. Moa

 Most of the establishments the group runs are discount ones or specialize in mature ladies.

 It hires any women who came to an interview. Anyone can work there. A lot of women who once worked there told me so.

 As a result, it’s famous for a high ratio of unattractive female workers. Instead, the price range is relatively low. That’s the strategy of this group.

5. Hip’s

 It’s a deri-heru group which covers mature and chubby women.

 Not only Tokyo, it has establishments in other prefectures, such as Kanagawa, Saitama, or Chiba.

 It’s the only group that has many clubs specializing in chubby women.

6. Ikebukuro Major

 It does business in a limited area of Ikebukuro Ward, one of the major red-light districts in Tokyo.

 It operates a wide variety of sex establishments, like hoteheru, sekukyaba and blowjob or handjob clubs.

 It hires only girls in their late teens or early twenties and gives importance to cosplay service.

 It gathers young girls without experience to branches of soft service, and then persuade them to work for those of full-scale service.

7. Upward

 It manages blowjob clubs or “pinsaro” in Gotanda, another major red-light district in Tokyo. It’s the biggest pinsaro group in the Tokyo area.

 Incidentally, female sex workers who have worked for pinsaro give an excellent blowjob. It’s no wonder, because they blew off more than ten customers a day to make money.

8. Deriheru Tokyo

 It runs sex establishments called “Deriheru Tokyo” in different places. It uses no other names.

 That means you find a Deriheru Tokyo in Saitama or Kanagawa Prefectures. It’s a bit confusing, but it’s probably their philosophy.

 All of the deriheru clubs offer low prices to remain competitive in an economic depression.

9. Truth

 The Trugh Group specializes in soapland.

 Some of my co-workers once worked for the group. They told me that it obligates any employees to move into a dormitory room and to work more than ten hours a day for the first six months. In the event you’ve successfully endured the months like hell, you get promoted automatically and promised a high salary.

 It’s famous for taking sound measures. It manages exclusive clubs, too.

10. Kyoto

 This also runs soapland alone.

 Its most distinctive feature is emphasis on “gals” and cosplay. There are few specialty soaplands nationwide.

 If you’re into cosplay, the Kyoto Group is the only choice.

11. Kadoebi

 It’s another soapland group.

 It has no exclusive club and offers lower prices.

 The price range of soapland is higher than other kinds of sex establishments. But Kadoebi’s service cost almost as much as deriheru or hoteheru.

 There are a lot more groups which operate a few or several sex clubs.

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