14 Examples Of Unique Sex Shops in Tokyo

 Different people have different tastes.

 There are a variety of opinions. Some have prejudice against sexual service. That’s totally alright.

 Still, it’s a service. Providers have to meet demands, which is really diverse.

 In recent years, specialty clubs offering something specific has been on the increase in Japan.

1 In this post, I’d like to name several examples of them.

1. Ugly

 I know it seems weird.

 Men want beautiful women. If you get money from customers, you have to introduce good-looking ladies.

 There’s a sex establishment which daringly takes the opposite way. It’s called “Dead Ball,” a Japanese English meaning “hit by a pitch.”


 It doesn’t look like a sexual place, but it actually is.

 It boldly declares, “a super discount shop with the lowest level of women in Japan.” It’s so fair and square that it makes me feel almost refreshed.

 It also says, “You will get to appreciate your wife or girlfriend a lot more,” or “Congratulations! Finally, you can outgrow the sex industry.”

 Its unique concept has caught a lot of attention from the media. Many magazines published articles about it.

 Although there are not many, men who want bad-looking women do exist.

 It’s been around for years and has opened the second branch. At least it has gained a certain extent of popularity.

2. Gangbang

 Sexual service is usually offered one on one. Everybody takes it for granted.

 On the other hand, there’s a demand for doing sexual action with multiple partners at the same time. Most people have no chance to realize it in private life.

 Here’s a club which makes it come true.


 I don’t know why, but the word “harlem” means orgy or gangbang in Japan.

 You can visit there with your own partners. Not only male customers but even couples can be accepted.

 There’s been a tradition of “nirinsya” or two wheels in soaplands, where two masseuses serve one customer. The harlem is an exception or new trend that has emerged outside the bathhouse world.

3. Black Hair

 Japanese women naturally have black hair. Most of them dye their hair these days.

 Many men don’t like it. I myself is one of them. I think black hair is the best for Japanese women.

 When I found this club, it made me happy.


 It’s a branch of a big group called “Moe Channel Group.” I think the club gathers girls with black hair from many other branches.

4. Mourning Clothes

 In Japan, people wear dark and black dresses at funerals. What about your country?

 I think it’s interesting that some men are sexually aroused by such clothes, and there is an establishment where all the women dress themselves like that.


 The website looks fairly naughty. Click on the “ladies” button, and you’ll find every one of them are in black.

 From a different perspective, it’s an outcall agency of mature ladies. But I think its concept is very intriguing.

5. Nipple Teasing

 Some men would like the nipples teased like women do. Here’s a place they should visit. It offers just what they want as a main service.


 The word for “nipple” in Japanese is chikubi. The club replaces the words in its title.

 Its basic course offers two women for one customer. The girls enrolled include some JAV actresses.

6. Teachers

 It’s about costumes of female teachers.


 It’s one of the most popular kinds of costumes in Japan’s sex industry. Several places are found in Tokyo alone.

 Have you ever had a hallucination where a sexy bombshell teacher teaches you erotic things when you were a teenager? I guess a lot of guys have.

 Such clubs realize the dream.

7. Semen

 Precisely, its service is not only about semen, but I think it’s really unique.


 Its name translates into “Missionaries of Sex.”

 Its “system” page emphasizes blob-jobs without washing and introduces ten minutes of “semen play” for free of charge. As far as I know, it’s the only one that offer it.

 It seems to do business in a daring manner.

8. Tattoo

 Japanese tattoo also has a long tradition. It’s separated from Western or American styles here.

 Actually, there are a higher proportion of tattooed women among Japanese female workers. If you’d like to meet only those who have distinct tattoo, you can visit this.


 All of the women have pictures on their skin. It doesn’t mean they’re wives or girlfriends of yakuza, Japanese gangsters.

9. Menstruation

 The world is such a big place. Most people may find it hard to digest, but those who are sexually attracted to menses exist.


 What do they want, specifically? They could smell, lick or drink the menstrual blood, or they could take sanitary items home.

 The system page says the price gets higher as the period comes closer to the end.

10. Tickling

 Sexual desire and tickling are combined together?


 It’s one of the oldest sex establishments in Tokyo, a pioneer of characteristic shops. If you want to be tickled to death, that’s the only destination.

 I guess it must have tons of repeat customers.

11. Shooting

 There’s a sex group which is operated by a pornstar agency. It’s called “Model Tokyo.”


 Not all but many of them also work as JAV actresses. The price is steep.

 By bringing a camera with you, you can shoot videos here. You can create your own adult movies.

12. Vibrator(HITACHI)

 A kind of vibrators originally made for massage has been commonly used in porn movies in Japan. So much so that I feel most people here even take it as a sex toy.

 A fair number of sex clubs offer it as a paid option.

 Here, you don’t have to pay for it.


 The vibrator is included in normal service.

13. Acting

 Many people have imagined naughty situations, where you are not who you are. There are no places that can make it come true.

 Except shops like this. Here, you can enjoy “story play.”


 You tell the club what situation you’d like to be in, and what roles each of you and the woman are going to act.

 As long as a session lasts, you are a different person. I think it’s kind of fun.

14. Bukkake

 Bukkake is a Japanese word. It seems to have become a universal one.

 I read an article in English years ago. A research found that “bukkake” ranked the second in the top list of the word women in the U.S. hate the most.

 Still, it’s a type of sexual desire. There are some establishments meeting the demand.


 What do you think about the above?

 Japan’s sex industry has been becoming more diverse as years roll on.

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