15 Movies Introducing Female Sex Workers in Tokyo

 There are several movie sharing sites specializing in female sex workers in Japan.

 Some of them are operated by big groups of the sex business in order to attract customers. Movies have a great appeal themselves.

 If you’re interested, you can get a list of them HERE for free.

 Customers realize most of the pics of sex workers are photoshopped. It’s called “Panemaji” in Japanese.

 Those working inside also know it. They want to avoid pic fraud if possible. At the same time, they have to make merchandise look as good as possible.

 I’m personally against it. But, it will continue to take place.

 I’ve never heard of any sex establishments modifying movies. You can rely on the content of movie sharing sites.

 Here are some videos introducing female sex workers.

 This movie is professional and sophisticated. She looks like a TV icon.

 Yui has really beautiful legs and skin. She’s popular for her gentle and tender personality.

 Eri works as a masseuse. She has an atmosphere like celebs.

 Rei, 24, wearing a nurse costume and playing with herself.

 Suzu Minamoto works at “E plus,” which is well-known for having beautiful sex workers. She’s also a porn actress.

 Maomi works for a group popular and famous for beautiful women.

 Her breast cleavage is incredible. She doesn’t expose her nipples here.

 Makoto, age 20, is a newcomer without any experience in the sex business.

 She has such a slender figure. She’s trying to gain weight intentionally.

 Sana, age 23, works as a masseuse for an esute club.

 You can meet Kyouka at “Oshirina,” which is intended for ass-lovers.

 An exclusive deriheru published this movie. She doesn’t want her face shown, but she must be beautiful.

 Tsugumi, busty and black-haired, at a cosplay sex club in Akihabara. She likes cooking, watching movies and listening to music.

 Akiho works at a club specializing in young girls and schoolgirl uniform. This movie is such a good job.

 Hazuki’s at a different club offering schoolgirl costume.

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