20 Preferences Covered by Specialty Sex Clubs in Japan

 Inserting the dick into the pussy is generally recognized as the climax of sexual intercourse.

 There are billions of people around the world. All have different tastes. Sexual preferences varies.

 You don’t need to stick to the general action at all.

 Many porn websites offer an incredible numbers of categories. Not a small number specializes in niches.

 It’s no wonder that Japan has adult establishments which take care of specific preferences.

1. Big Boobs

1oppai Who doesn’t like boobs?

 One of the most necessary physical contact for babies is breastfeeding. Breasts have primal appeal and … such reasonings don’t matter.

 I love them. You also do, right?

 Sex establishments which have only busty women must have irresistible appeal for big tit lovers.

 I found fourteen big-boob establishments in Tokyo alone. There are web portals, too.

2. Flat Chest

2flat Some like bigger breasts, and others do smaller ones.

 I’ve talked with several clients who were into flat-chested women. They told me, “Bigger boobs have poor sensitivity,” or “Smaller tits look much prettier.”

 Japanese in general don’t have bigger boobs. Studies show that Asians are even flatter-chested than Americans and Europeans.

 Boobless women are apt to have a complex about their breasts. Specialty clubs of smaller boobs is a good place for them, because their disadvantage turns into an advantage.

3. Mature

3mature Ladies on the old side have been catching on in Japan in recent years.

 Trend in Japan’s sex business often follows in the footsteps of the porn movie industry.

 The industry coined a word “jukujo,” meaning older women, roughly in their 30s or older. Many movie companies released their works on it. They became a huge hit.

 Its popularity had a ripple effect on sex establishments. The specialty clubs of jukujo have become one of the most common ones in Japan.

 I think the current situation encourages the trend. Japan’s facing declining birth rate and a growing proportion of elderly people. Older men tend to choose older women.

4. Schoolgirls

4school Schoolgirls are definitely part of the pop cultures in Japan. They themselves know their own value.

 It may be partly because pedophiliac perversion is widespead here. A survey found that around 15 percent of Japanese men have watched child porn movies.

 It seems to me they’re known in other countries to some extent. I remember watching this movie “Kill Bill.” One of the main characters wore a Japanese schoolgirl uniform.

 In sex clubs offering the uniforms, female workers wear them during sessions. It’s up to clients whether to strip them off or leave them on.

5. Office Workers

5ol There are many companies in Japan that obligate their employees to wear uniforms. Somehow, the uniforms look very similar.

 One of my acquaintances from overseas told me that what Japanese women wear during working hours looks murderously uncool.

 Still, Japanese men can’t help seeing it at the workplace in their day-to-day life. It’s natural for it to connect with sexual obsession.

 Sex clubs of office worker uniforms make the obsession come true.

6. Cosplay

6cos Japanese animation and manga are popular around the world. The word “cosplay” has become universal today.

 I guess it won’t surprise you if there are sex establishments specializing in cosplay of cartoon characters.

 Women have a strong desire to change. Most of female workers love cosplay sessions more than you imagine.

 I recommend Ikebukuro, if you’re interested in cosplay clubs with front desks.

7. Teenagers

7teen You have to be at the age of 18 or older to experience adult pleasure in Japan. If not, you’re going to be doing illegal things.

 The same goes for women.

 That means 18- and 19-year-old girls fall within the confines of the law.

 I feel pedophilia in Japan is more widespead than in other countries. But in general, men want younger women. That’s the truth.

 There are some establishments that emphasize they have only teenage girls. But I guarantee they fudge the ages of the female workers enrolled.

8. Gal

8gal In English, the word “gal” is an abbreviation for “girl,” am I correct?

 It readily brings almost the same image to Japanese people’s mind.

 Gals dye their hair brown or blonde, have bronzed skin, put on lots of makeup and wear clothes that attract men’s eyes.

 Personally, I feel they let go of all the external attractiveness Japanese women naturally have. But it’s definitely a trend among young girls.

 Many man are into gals. That’s why sex clubs offering gals alone exist.

9. Pregnant

9pregnant One of the most money-making sex clubs for female workers is those which specialize in pregnany.

 Demand overwhelms supply here. Compared to the multitude of fetish customers, pregnant sex workers are even fewer.

 Several did tell me that. I think it’s true. They also told me they had more reservations as they got closer to full-term.

 It’s not uncommon to meet clients who don’t want sexual actions. Some customers just depend on them like a kid or listen to the baby bump with a stethoscope.

10. Breast Milk

10breastmilk I think interest in breast milk is more of fundamental desire than sexual. Similar to pregnancy, establishments offering breastfeeding sex workers are very popular.

 Most of them that I know of have lasted for years. If they successfully keep recruiting women, such clubs will make it for a long time to come.

 No other places are found where you can drink breast milk as much as you like. It’s the only kind of commercial business that lets people do it, at least in Japan.

 Incidentally, around 80% of Japanese young female sex workers smoke. One told me that heavy smoking could change the taste of the milk.

11. BDSM

11bond Normal sexual action cannot satisfy some people. It’s difficult to understand sadomasochism for most, but the sexual predilection does exist.

 Sex clubs specializing in BDSM have a strong customer base. I’ve heard that their business has more consistent performance than other areas. There are several enterprises that operate only BDSM ones.

 Gotanda is well-known for such places.

 Right at this moment, female sex workers and maniac customers are engaging in eccentric, bizarre and sometimes painful actions in Japan’s sex industry.

12. Tall

12tall What do you think are the causes for the popularity of female sex workers?

 Beautiful appearance, great figure, fashionable outfit, charming personality, or quality service? All correct. They readily come to mind.

 Japanese insiders add height here. Customers a lot more often choose women who are taller than the average.

 I’m not sure why. I don’t know if the phenomenon occurs only in Japan or not.

 There are specialty clubs offering tall sex workers. They are so tall that most Japanese guys have to look up to see their face.

13. Chubby

13chubby Surveys show that fewer Japanese men find slender women attractive. Those who like skinny women are in a minority. They tend to choose the average and healthy-looking figure.

 Those who love chubby girls seem to be on the increase in Japan these days, because we see plump and busty celebrities more often than before.

 Not too much but a bit of fat may make sexual intercourse more pleasing, due to tenderness or larger breasts.

 Sex clubs of chubby women are quite popular. One of the reasons could be their lower price.

14. Shemale

14new Those who have the boobs and the penis at the same time … they are called “new-half” in Japan.

 There are even outcall businesses which dispatch new-halves.

 Here’s a simple question. Are the customers men or women?

 I haven’t been involved with such establishments. None of my acquaintances has, either. So I don’t know what happens behind the scene. I’ll handle it someday.

 By the way, one of my co-workers told me that he mistakenly picked up a transsexual on the street after getting drunk years ago. He said, “I felt terrible about myself, but his blow job felt so good. I think you should try it at least once in a lifetime.”

15. Lesbian

15les Lesbians have become widely accepted recently in Japan.

 Until about ten years ago, people had viewed them with prejudiced eyes. Today, increasingly more women have been coming out of the closet.

 At the same time, sex establishments targeting lesbians are on the increase as well.

 Their websites have no erotic pictures, because women don’t get aroused by visual content. Clients can choose whether to get active or passive, or just to watch.

 I wonder what happens among female workers while they’re at work backstage. If they’re waiting in the same room, gangbang might be occuring?

16. Chikan

16chi Chikan means to silently grope someone you don’t know, mainly on the train.

 More than 14 percent of young women suffer from it at least once a year.

 As a matter of fact, it’s gotten so common in our daily life that we no longer pay much attention to it. Japanese are definitely one of the most perverted people in the world.

 It’s a crime. When people find you comming it, you will be arrested. Sex clubs under the theme of chikan help prevent the wrongdoing from occurring.

 The interiors of the private rooms look like the inside of a train carriage with seats and straps. There is no music. You hear the sound of train stations. Here, female workers give clients simulated experience.

17. Anal Intercourse

17anal There’s a Japanese saying which goes, “I want to crawl in the nearest hole.”

 Women already have a hole to crawl in. Is it natural for men to explore the other hole, even if it’s not for getting in but getting out?

 In Japan’s sex industry, anal sex is called “AF,” short for anal fuck. Many sex establishments are seen which have only female workers that offer it.

 I’ve heard that too many AF actions make the anus loose. There were even cases of young AF girls going unable to let go of diapers.

18. Yobai

18yobai Have you ever heard of Yobai?

 It’s a traditional custom that had been widespread throughout Japan until around 100 years ago.

 Simply put, a man sneaks into the bedroom of a woman at night, and if she agrees, they have sex without any promise or preparation. Historical studies prove that Japanese people slept around a lot.

 Sex clubs replicating the yobai situation have remained consistently popular. I think it’s because of our genetic memory of the custom that had been practiced for hundreds of years.

19. No Shower

19soku You have to follow rules when you have sessions at Japan’s sex establishments, particularly in herusu.

 Customers need to take a shower at the beginning. It differs from club to club whether women do it together or not. It’s very important not only for cleanliness but also for prevention of STD.

 An increasing number of clubs cut out the washing process from session time. The minute you meet a woman, everything starts. Some customers feel the shower is a waste of time and want to avoid it.

 I don’t want to use such service personally. Being clean makes sessions more fun, and I’m afraid of contracting STD.

20. Porn Actress

20porn I guess many people worldwide don’t know or care about the fact that more than 90 percent of Asian porn movies are made in Japan.

 When you find adult videos in which Chinese-looking women appears, they’re most certainly Japanese.

 Insiders say there are over 3,000 porn actresses in Japan. Of which, just a few are popular. A lot of the rest work in sex clubs.

 The word “AV actress” in their profile catches customers’ attention. It increases the possibility of being chosen. Some sex workers appear on movies just for that reason.

 Other than them, there are deri-heru establishments operated by porn actress agencies. They have even top stars. You have tons of chances here to spend time with famous Japanese actresses.

 Needless to say, they’re pretty expensive. Still, many men think it’s worth the steep price, if they can have sexual fun with their movie icon.

 That’s it for now. Those are not everything. You find more.

 How did you feel about the diversity of Japan’s sex industry?

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