A Chinese Female Pimp

 The most quiet time period in an entire day in Japan’s sex industry is an early morning. I think people tend to go home at least before 4:00 when they want to drink until late at night. It’s unfit for adult pleasure.

 One day, I finished a job early in the morning. It was about 4:30, and I was off the next day. I suddenly wondered what was going to happen when I walked around a red-light district at that time. There was one in the neighborhood.

 So I gave it a shot.

 Numbers of bars and even soaplands are seen there. Usually every evening, seedy guys hang around on the streets, including pimps, speaking to people walking by, “I’ll give you a discount,” or things like that.

chinese-pimps I arrived there when the sky was beginning to brighten up. As I guessed, I saw nobody. I found some as I walked around, but they just looked like ordinary neighbors. Nearly all the shops were closed. The street usually busy at night was as quiet as a graveyard.

 When I turned a corner, I found a couple talking to each other. Seconds later, the man walked away. The woman looked at me, walked up to me and smiled. “Are you looking for fun?”

 From her accent and the way she looked, she was Chinese. She was in her late 40s and wearing a mask. “Wanna drink? Or go all the way?”

I’d been strolling around the area for roughly 15 minutes, but hadn’t discovered anything interesting. So I asked, “What do you mean by ‘all the way’?”

 ”Okay. Follow me.” She motioned me over and took me to the second floor of an old building. She opened a black door, and it was very dim inside. There were a small counter and a pair of table and sofa. The other space was filled with about a dozen private rooms partitioned by curtains.

 ”Massage, or sex? 18000 yen for 60 minutes.”

 Maybe because they heard her saying so, two women appeared. One looked in her twenties, with black hair and in underwear. The other looked in her mid thirties, in a one-piece underwear as well. I had a feeling that more women were in the divided rooms.

I didn’t feel horny then, so I declined. “Why not? You want to feel good, right?” She pulled my arm. I kept on turning her down, and she gave me a discount. “How about 15000 for an hour?”

 I have a habit to drink just before going to bed. It was just before going home and sleep then. I was more interested in alcohol than sex. So I asked her if there were places to drink still in operation. She answered, “I know some.” We went out of there.

 She took me to a kyabakura specializing in Chinese girls. Please refer to my last post to find out what it is.

 To tell the conclusion first, it was sort of a rip-off. But I don’t like price negotiation. I paid everything, and got home and went to bed.

 The female pimp solicited and mediated illegal prostitution. In the dim room, Chinese whores might be waiting for customers tonight.

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