A Colombian Prostitute

 Foreign prostitutes exist in Japan as well. Among them, more of them are Chinese and Koreans than the others.

 When it comes to Koreans, sex clubs specializing in them have been established as a single genre. It’s called “kankoku deriheru” or “kan-deri.” Deriheru usually doesn’t offer penetration. However, people say customers who use kan-deri can go all the way and get it every time. I’ve never tried it so far, but I guess the rumor should be true.

 Asians are not alone. Caucasians also sell their body in Japan. There are a few specialty shops, and independent whores.

 One of my friends moved to an area in the vicinity of a red-light district where foreign prostitutes hang out. He told me he gave it a try several days ago. I find the story kond of interesting. He gave me permission to post it here.

 After finishing his work, he passes by the district every day. Some foreign women who look out of place stand around chatting with each other there almost every night, talking to men who walk by, including my friend.

 He has memorized their faces and realized there are at most six of them in total. Of which, two or three a day “show up for work.” They have a sharp face and dark skin. He guessed they’re South American. One day, he playfully spoke to one of them, “Hola!,” and she responded with an unknown language which sounded like Spanish. He doesn’t speak it, so he ignored her and walked away then.

hinnode Multiple contacts give birth to interest. One night before his day off, he decided to explore what was going to happen with them.

 He had no information about what he would get at this point except that they might sell sex. I had told him that buying sex in Japan is illegal but comes with no punishment. At the worst, he would lose tens of thousands of yen. That’s it. No big risk here.

 She was sitting on a bench and using a tablet. She had long, wavy black hair and wore a black coat. She looked to him in her mid thirty. She caught his eye, so he talked to her in Japanese, “What are you doing here?” “Are you looking for some fun?,” she answered in a fluent tone. He asked where she was from, and she was from Colombia.

 ”This way,” she beckoned. He asked where she was going to take him, and she didn’t answer, with a friendly grin. He asked, “How much?” She didn’t say anything again, and stuck her index and middle fingers up to make a V sign. He thought she meant two 10,000-yen bills. 20,000 yen is the going rate for one session with penetration in Japan.

 If at 18 or older, providing sex for money causes no legal trouble. However, that’s not exactly the case with non-Japanese. When things turn unfortunate, they could be deported to their homeland. Probably, she was trying to avoid using words which implied prostitution just to be safe. To her, he could be a policeman.

 She looked quite pretty to him. She had an amazing figure which couldn’t found often among Japanese women. He chose to follow her. There were some love hotels nearby, so he assumed they would check in one of them. She led him, however, to the stairs just one minute’s walk from there. It was dark inside without any lightings. He hesitated for a second, but she repeated, “Don’t worry,” and, “It’s okay,” with a big smile, holding his hand softly.

 The upstairs had just one door. Inside was a dim corridor. He was taken to a room at the back. It was also dim inside like candle light, with a single bed and a makeup table. It didn’t seem like anyone lived there.

 She made a V sign again silently but smilingly. He thought she wanted money first, so he handed her 20,000 yen. Then, she encouraged him to get naked and lie in bed, and he did. She took her clothes off, too, with a panty alone.

 She began to clean his penis with wet tissue. After a while, she started to do a hand job. She didn’t kiss him nor let him touch her body, a businesslike attitude. He told me, “She disappointed me from the very first,” since he had expected a service like Japan’s sex establishments. He doesn’t like complaining to women, so he kept silent and allowed her to do as she liked.

 Minutes of a hand job led to erection, naturally. She said, “Do you wanna get in?,” and put a rubber on him. She put her hands on the makeup table and threw out her butt toward him. He got a bit relieved, because he was worried she wouldn’t even let him in.

 ”She had an incredible ass,” said he. American or European women have a sexier figure than Japanese. He also said, “Her boobs were a bit hard.” Because he was dissatisfied by what she did for the amount he paid, he “thrusted her really aggressively, like hell.”

 After getting off, he put her clothes on and got out of there quickly. He paid, came, and imagimed she wanted him to leave as soon as possible. Although he didn’t know why, she told him, “You’re a good guy,” many times.

 The clock on the table showed only 20 minutes had passed. He said, “I don’t think I’ll be with her again.”

 If you’re in Japan and have 20,000 yen, I’d recommend Japan’s sex clubs rather than independent whores.

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