A Free E-Book for Sex Tourism in Japan

For non-Japanese people traveling or wanting to visit Japan …

The List of Portal Sites Covering Japan’s Sex Industry


 The list will help you a lot when you look into Japan’s sex industry through the Internet. Even Japanese men use the websites on this e-book. They’re more useful than search engines.

 It consists of the following:
1. Four Portal Sites in English About Japan’s Sex Industry
2. Fourteen Biggest Web Portals on Japan’s Sex Establishments
3.Ten Movie Portals Introducing Japanese Female Sex Workers

 By downloading it …

・You can immediately use very useful websites which are unlikely to be found in English.
・You can reach more sites than most Japanese people ever have.
・You easily get a general idea of Japan’s sex industry.
・It saves a huge amount of time and effort when you actually explore sexual fun in Japan.

 Get the list for free.

 Right-click the URL below to download the e-book. Or bookmark it.

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