A Soapland Which Won’t Let You Choose Women

 Men choose women, because they’re the one who pay money in Japan’s sex business. I’m not sure about other countries. What about yours?

 Here, it’s natural, and you don’t have to think about it.

 How would you feel if this happens? You pay money, but you can’t choose women. The amount is just about the same with your monthly rent for just ninety minutes of pleasure …

 I would feel like this.

 ”Okay. You MUST introduce me a really, really amazing woman. She has beautiful features, a perfect figure, a towering personality, and, of course, gives an incredible service.”

 I have been involved in several sex establishments. I can clearly say to have a sex worker like the above is a rocket science.

 For one, it’s tough to recruit women in the first place. Every sex establishment wants to have as many female workers as possible. Competition is very keen.

 Although there are exceptions of specialty clubs offering only ugly women, almost all of the establishments are dying to attract high-level ones.

 Beautiful girls don’t appear at job interviews so often. Think about it. Of all women, what’s the percentage of wonderful-looking ones? They make up and change their appearance. With the condition of no make-up, more than two-thirds are not good-looking.

 By the way, that’s the case with men. What percentage of handsome men exist who stir women’s emotions? I guess 10 percent at most.

 Some sex clubs don’t reject any women who come to an interview. Others I worked for didn’t. We declined a lot. We even met a few who made us think, “No men think you’re worth any money in this industry …”

 Every single woman lacked something. One were very cute but a bit chubby. Another had great figure and features but distorted personality. And another was well-natured and offered amazing service but not so good-looking.

 It’s all but impossible to have perfect female sex workers alone.

 If a sex establishment exists which asks for a substantial amount of money for just ninety minutes and won’t let you choose women, it means they have only perfect women. At least they must operate with considerable confident. If not, such a club cannot stay in business. Japanese customers are not that silly.

baru As a matter of fact, there actually is such an establishment in Japan.

 It’s in Shinjuku Ward. As far as I know, It’s the only one in Tokyo.


 The website has no page to introduce women. It shows no schedule, either. If you want to meet a girl who served you before, you need to make a phone call.

 The pictures show it’s not so large but has luxurious interiors.

 It’s not new. The fact it has a history of over thirty years indicate it has continued to meet needs or exceed expectations.

 I guess not all of the women are flawless. But at least it’s been gaining enormous popularity. Clients are willing to pay the fancy price.

 There are many websites like bulletin boards that gather word-of-mouth information. I check them to find out what people have to say.

 It has a great reputation, with mostly 4 or 5 on a scale of 1 to 5, and without 1 and 2 at all. Practically all the sex clubs have some low evaluations. It has zero. That’s phenomenal.

 BARUBORA is definitely one of the best soaplands in Japan. I feel it’s confident all the women they introduce can satisfy any clients.

 Rumor has it that not only rich guys but also politicians, celebrities, or athletes frequent the amazing sex club.

 I think that’s true. I myself heard about famous people visiting such places several times. A few of my co-workers worked at exclusive soaplands.

 I’m not going to write about them here, because I must still preserve the privacy of my clients.

 I’ve heard BARUBOLA educate their women about protecitng clients’ privacy. It must be one of the reasons why celebrities keep on using it.

 I’ve never been there. Some day I will. As an insider, I think I need to experience a top-level service in Japan’s sex industry.

 I hope you get to have fun there, too.

 I might write a report here in my blog when I actually use it. I was brought up in poverty. Any luxurious experience makes me so excited that I can’t help spreading the story around.

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