A Story of A Homeless Sex Worker

 Let me write about a homeless sex worker.

 I don’t know what took her there. I’m going to put down what life she had led for a while.  

 She was staying at a waiting room for women. She had no home, so she asked staff to do so. They charged no money.

 Such rooms vary in each sex clubs. In her case, the room was divided by partitions to make multiple personal spaces.

 The spaces were as large as a small bed. It was barely enough to lay down the whole body, and not a place to get cozy. In order to get as much sleep as possible, she bought her own blanket and others.

 By the way, the club had lots of female workers. Many homeless ones like her was seen there.

 Being inside the waiting room means showing up for work. Sex clubs are not kind enough to allow women who are on their days off in their room. So she had to work every single day.

 Working every day makes you meet as many customers. Getting no repeat ones makes it faster for them to lose interest in you. Popular female workers have no time to relax in the waiting room during working hours. Those who stay there for a long time are not very popular. She told me she had met many such women there.

 Little popularity is often caused by bad personality or some kind of negative characteristics. Staying long might have made them feel like they have some authorities there. They treated her badly. In some cases, the staff forced them out.

 Also, the club had a resident counselor, which is very rare. It’s natural that he didn’t act against his employer. In a bad way, he brainwashed the female workers to make them do what the staff want them to. Since she had been brainwashed, she ended up working there for six months.

train-e1457677102449 Things began to change when she moved out. She decided to work for another sex establishment which offered a dormitory. It was a pretty condominium with a bed, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner and everything. Getting a deep sleep in a comfortable bed overjoyed her. The room cost 3,000 yen a day. It was a bit expensive, but she didn’t feel it was.

 Living in a dormitory involves some conditions. The establishment required her to work at least seven hours a day and five days a week.

 Maybe because of the nice living environment, she started to attract a lot of repeat customers. I met her at a club I worked for. She was so popular that she always ranked in the top list there.

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