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Inside Information on Japan’s Sex Industry

insideabout Welcome to “Japanese Sex Tour Guide”!

 Thank you for visiting!

 If you’re looking for accurate information on Japan’s sex industry, you’ve found the right website.

 This site is about the Japanese sexual stuff, “sei-fuzoku” or “fuzoku.”

 I’m Ryuji Hirata. I’m a native Japanese. I’ve been working inside the sex business for years. I enjoy it as a customer, too.

 Forgive me for my poor English.

 People might say that sex business is not something to be proud of. I understand.

 I have no prejudice against it. I believe it contributes to the happiness of the human race as largely as any other areas.

I Need to Do It

orenara I searched the web in the English world for fuzoku information.

 I found several websites, which were bulletin boards, news sites or blogs. I read them carefully many times.

 Unfortunately, not many convey the actual facts that are happening in real time. Some even tell wrong details.

 But it’s fine. Almost all of the web pages in the English-speaking countries must have been written by outsiders. It can’t be helped.

 After reading through the English pages about Japan’s sex industry, it began to dawn on me that I need to get over knowledge based on my own experience as a native insider.

 I said to myself, “I need to do it, and I can do it.”

 I’m going to uncover the hidden aspects of Japan’s sex business here.

 Let me guide you through the true adult pleasure.

 Again, thank you for viewing my website.

What This Website Does for You

foryou Japanese Sex Tour Guide brings the following:
・An insider guides you through an adult tour of Japan’s sex industry.
・You get rare information based on insider experience.
・You obtain knowledge no other websites provide in English.
・You have someone to turn to in order to satisfy your sexual preferences.
・Disadvantage as a foreigner is reduced to the utmost limit.
・Waste in time and effort decreases dramatically.
・You do research into sex establishments throughout Japan all by yourself.
・Being involved in troubles becomes more unlikely.
・You learn what to do and what not to do in treating Japanese female sex workers.
・You’re more familiar with Japan’s sex business than most of the local people.
・What you can choose and achieve becomes clear.
・You know what kind of sex clubs exist in Japan.
・You avoid critical mistakes caused by lack of knowledge.
・You have somebody to exchange opinions with in terms of sexual stuff.
・You understand what’s good about being a non-Japanese.
・False information no longer annoys you.
・You experience the charm of Japanese women in a sensual way.
・You get access to service unique to Japanese Sex Tour Guide.
・Adult pleasure makes your stay in Japan several times more fun.
… and more!

The mission of this website is to contribute to the happiness of people abroad by introducing a beauty of Japan, the mesmerizing world of the sex business.

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