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Three Reasons

logo I hate to say this.

 But it’s true.

 Foreign people are not welcome in Japan’s sex industry. Most clubs turn them away at the door.

 There are three reasons.
1. Language barrier
2. Lack of knowledge and explanation
3. Fears about foreigners

The Goal of this website

 This website aims to eliminate the three reasons above, so that you can enjoy another beauty of my home country.

 You can tackle 1 by using the tools from “Language” among the top menu.

 You don’t have to worry about 2. This website tells you everything you need to know.

 As for 3, there is a certain thing I can do.

 The best way for a non-Japanese man to have sexual fun is to have a Japanese company. If you have no such plans, keep this website in mind.

Why I do this?

 One of my missions is to introduce Japan to the whole world in my own way.

 My English, affinity for the Internet, and background in the sex industry … all of the three add up to exploring the mission.

 I’d be so happy if I can contribute to the happiness of people abroad by doing Japanese things.

 Plus, I myself love sexual stuff in Japan. I hope you do, too.

Two Sections

blogsection1 Japanese Sex Tour Guide is separated into two parts.

 The information section, and the blog section.

 You can reach the info section through the menu links under the site title.

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