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me Hello!

 It’s nice to have you.

 I’m Ryuji Hirata. I’m male, creator and operator of this website.

 My voice is here.

 Let me introduce myself briefly.

My Younger Days

 I was born in 1976, in Saitama Prefecture next to Tokyo. When I was 3 years old, according to my father’s job, our family moved to Niigata Prefecture, along the Sea of Japan.

 My home is in a small village with a total of 17 households. It’s deep in the mountains and surrounded with woods. Almost all of the families have rice fields.

 We have a lot of snow there. My hometown is known as one of the heaviest snowfall areas all around the country. To me, snow is a symbol of my hometown.

 Nature was my best friend while I was young. It’s one of the things I love best.

 I didn’t run around much. I would often spend time in the library at school.

 When I was 12, my father ran away from home. I still am not sure why. Shortly afterwards, my mother turned into a creed fanatic.

 At 15, I contracted panic disorder. It was a month or two after I entered high school. Eventually, I dropped out. I had no idea what to do with the symptoms and my life.

 Time has mercy. I figured out how to live on.

 At 22, I began living on my own. I have been ever since.

 Looking back, I think I had a good experience.

How I Got into the Sex Industry

 I’ve engaged in Japan’s sex industry for over seven years now.

 I took up English in my early twenties. At around the same time, the Internet and computers fascinated me.

 I’d always wanted to launch a new business. Just after I turned 30, I started one. I had an English software made operable in the Japanese environment, and tried to sell it in Japan.

 Of course, it was a disaster. I ended up in a debt of two million yen.

 I wanted to pay off my debt quickly. I found on the web that initial salary in the sex industry is about twice or at least one third more than that in other “normal” fields.

 I was desperate. I didn’t care about many things then.

 Again, looking back, it was a good thing in my life.

Not Special

 I got a job with one of the biggest groups in Japan’s sex business. It ran eleven establishments in the Tokyo area then. It had the greatest Internet skills among major enterprises in the industry.

 I successfully settled up my debts in thirteen months.

 In most cases, three to eight staff members operate one establishment. I directly learned about boosting sales figures from the ground up.

 I worked hard, and I got promoted, too. I found myself enjoying a job for the first time in my life.

 Today, I feel the freest in my life. I think I’ve been living the way I really am.

 My prejudice faded. I must keep an objective viewpoint.

 I do believe that the sex industry contributes to the society and happiness of humanity, like other ones.

 At least, it’s not special. People are ruined and saved wherever they are.

Today …

 Now, I manage websites of two establishments. I also take pictures of women for online profiles.

 Everyone has missions. I hope to pursue mine in my own way. This website is one attempt to live on just the way I am.

 Thank you.

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