AI, VR and Sex Business

 Weeks ago, an event was held in Tokyo of VR pornography. The result was, too many people wanting to experience the new technology caused it to be suddenly cancelled. It reminded me that men like naughty things so much.

 In Japan, sex dolls have been on sale for decades. The recent products surprise those who see them for the first time, because they look and feel too real, such as the textures of the boobs or vagina. Not only as sex toys, they also work as goods for the handicapped. They have tons of fans.

vr VR might be like sex dolls, since it helps enjoy sexual stuff without touching real women. Advancement in the technology could lead men to totally leave out the flesh and blood.

 On top of VR, AI has been making an outstanding progress in recent years. It’s very likely that we face sex dolls or androids equipped with artificial brains in the near future. If the products get widely accepted by the public, the sex business cannot help but change drastically.

 I don’t think it’s a complete pipe dream. I believe sex establishments as a whole in Japan might have been disappearing, maybe not in several years but in decades from now.

 Japanese young people these days are losing interests in sex. Also, technological advancement could mean a big turning point of the sex industry.

 I’m not very young, but still have a lot of interests. In 40 or 50 years from now, I will be dead or have lost potency, without regenerative medicine. I want to enjoy as much as possible while I can.

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