An Unreasonable Fact

 I think almost all of industries have something to do with gangsters. Unreasonable things are rampant anywhere when you look closer.

 Compared to other areas, sex business causes more phenomena which are hard to understand.

 In retrospect, I myself experienced a lot. If I mention one, it’s about a woman.

a I worked for a sex establishment, hoteheru. It offered just another herusu service. It was not a specialty shop, but most of the female workers were in their early twenties. The late twenties were in the minority.

 The woman was in her early thirties. That itself looked weird. She didn’t look young.

 She’d been working there since the shop was launched. It’s been still in business, for about nine years now.

 Almost all of sex establishments require female workers to make a phone call to see if they will show up for work, in most cases one hour in advance.

 She didn’t do it at all. Rather, staff called her. She didn’t answer. They knew she wouldn’t. Still, they kept on calling her every day.

 Plus, she always arrived late, each and every day, at least 30 minutes.

 When and how long women work depends on themselves. Staff need to discuss to some extent, but women make a final decision.

 In her case, it was totally up to her. Staff didn’t say anything about it. She came late at a rate of 100 percent. It wasn’t unusual for her to be over one hour late.

 Also, she didn’t say hello at all. That might be still okay, but she didn’t return it, either. She ignored every time people said hi to her.

 Maybe because she’d been there for a long time, she seemed to think that she’s special. She used no honorific expression.

 She was popular, but not the best. I could possibly accept unreasonable attitude only if she’s permanent No.1. It was hard for me to understand why she acted like that.

 The reason was the manager. He hired and educated her.

 He told me that she betrayed him many times. However, when he’d just opened the club, he had few female workers. He had no choice to keep her.

 He had to suffer from a certain amount of thoughtlessness to keep on using a woman without common senses. It lasted years, and it has become usual.

 Some new employees reported or complained about her. The manager always left things undone.

 Maybe he was sorry because he’d made her such a hopeless adult. Or there might be other reasons I didn’t know.

 I’d never seen a case like that.

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