Benefits For Female Workers

 Sex establishments need women in order to carry on business. Any women won’t do, but they have to keep on hiring female workers.

 One of the important measures always taken is good treatment.

 Here, I’d like to write a bit about what Japan’s sex clubs do to attract and treat women.

money・Entry Celebration

 It’s paid when you’re hired.

 It doesn’t come with any gigs. You can get it just by becoming a member of a sex establishment’s workforce.

 ”A very important and special person like you has thankfully joined us. It’s well worth it.” I think it has appeal to feminine mind.

 It’s on classified ads of job information sites, a standard tactic.

 The reality is, it’s designed not to be paid easily.

 Sex business is serious. When you get a commodity, there’s no telling how much profit it will create. You don’t know if you can trust it. Can you generously give it a huge amount of money right on the first day?

 If they never show up again, it’s a silly loss.

 There are some conditions. You need to work for more than certain hours a day and certain days a week. Plus, it’s paid little by little.

 The celebration money is very hard to get.

・Prize Money

 Many sex clubs adopt prize system to motivate female workers. In most cases, such money goes to those who create regulars.

 Regulars are counted by the session. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same customer. If a man chooses the same woman more than twice, it’s a regular session. Based on the number, the top three to five successfully get the prize.

 Most sex establishments rates popularity using the calculation above.


 Female sex work is paid according to the work done, or the number of sessions done. It’s not paid by the hour.

 Even if they show up, no gig means no salary.

 If anything, sex jobs are not stable. But women seek stability.

 Here comes the guarantee, where one attendance always comes with a specified amount of money. As far as I know, the average rate is 30,000 to 50,000 yen.

 Naturally, it requires conditions.

 You must have a certain amount of popularity. Giving guarantee to unpopular women brings nothing.

 Also, you must work over a given hours a day. Three hours, for example, are far from enough to match the warranty.

 Other than the two above, conditions varies from club to club.


 Many sex clubs have dormitories for women who need help with housing or come from afar.

 Such dorms are just another flat or apartment. Most shops start to rent one when applicants appear. Only big groups can rent multiple rooms all the time.

 The residents have to pay all the rent. Staff don’t pay at all, and it doesn’t get cheaper.

 In addition, women who live in a dorm have a great reason to obey what staff say.

・Exposure Fee

 Most female sex workers blur or hide their face on their profiles.

 Jobs involving sexual stuff have gained awareness in recent years. Prejudice has been fading away. Still, it’s not something you can comfortably talk about with your family or friends. Only a handful can expose the face on media such as movies, magazines or web portals.

 Movies these days have been getting more and more radical, even if they’re about ordinary sex workers. Those who are willing to accept the exposure can at least earn a bit more with the fee.

 But it doesn’t amount to 100,000 yen, as far as I know.

 By the way, all of the salary of female sex workers are paid in cash. There’s no tax deduction here. They have to file their tax voluntarily as Japanese.

 I can clearly declare that 99.9 percent of them don’t fulfill the obligation. I don’t think they even know that they are obligated in the first place. They take it for granted that all the salary automatically become theirs.

 I’ve read that some countries have legalized sex business. They also collect the tax and incorporate the sales figures into their GDP.

 At times, I feel Japan should do the same thing. I beliebve it will never happen in Japan.

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