Big Earthquakes and Sex Business

 It might be indiscreet, but let me write about a somewhat interesting topic: relationship between big earthquakes and sex business.

 Back in 2011, we had the Great East Japan Earthquake. It changed the mind of the Japanese people in many senses. Some news programs still cover the affected areas.

 I worked for a sex establishment back then which belonged to one of the largest sex groups in and around Tokyo. It had already run branches in all the major red-light districts there and was planning where to develop next.

shake And then, the earthquake happened. A few months later, the group opened up a new branch in the neighborhood. One of the co-workers of mine moved to the place from Tokyo to the area.

 Since then, we heard lots of news about it, all of which said the new place was gaining enormous popularity for a new one. Such phenomena were not limited to my group. I asked my friends who worked for different groups. Most of them told me the same story: new sex clubs operating near the affected areas became major hits.

 The Great East Japan Earthquake is not alone. Recently, Japan had a big quake in one of the southern islands, where the same was seen.

 It seems that big earthquakes bring popularity to nearby sex establishments.

 Big shakes destroy local infrastructure. Entertainment comes after a certain degree of life quality. No amusement business begins while people are waiting for relief in broken buildings. Still, men with tons of free time want to have fun. Here, demand for a type of business soars where one phone call and waiting in a private room would suffice, which is deriheru. Attractive ladies visit you anywhere and provide you with sexual pleasure.

 Reconstruction requires helping hands. People gather from different regions to the affected areas and stay temporarily to engage in recovery, including grueling labor work. What they would do after working hard? Here again, deriheru is a good choice. Many of them are far away from where they usually live, so freedom would give them a push.

 However, such phenomena don’t last long. That’s the way they go.

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