Busy and Slack Periods

 There are busy periods in the sex business, where sales figures automatically increase without doing anything.

 On the other hand, there are slack periods, too.

 In Japan, industries that come with alcohol and women is called “mizu syoubai” or “water business.” It includes sex clubs.

 In mizu syoubai, people often quote “nippati,” or “2 and 8.” It means February and August. These are slack periods. Whatever you do, sales decrease.

 The three major reasons are, vacations, “bonus,” and gathering.

 We have a tradition of having vacations in August and through the end and beginning of the year, during which many Japanese return home en masse. Traffic jams occur everywhere.

 I wonder if there’s a system like “bonus” in other countries. Japanese companies give employees extra allowances aside from monthly salary in July and December.

 During the year-end and new-year time, we customarily have a lot of gathering. It’s one of the social cultures.

 At the end of the day, people have more money on July and December, and have more opportunities to spend it on December and January. These months are busy periods.

 ”2 and 8″ comes after the months.

 When it comes to the sex business, however, a difference is seen.

 I’m not sure why, but August is a busy time. It could be busier than July.

 Instead, sales dramatically decrease in November. It’s the worst month in a year, worse than February. Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.

 In the sex business, “2 and 11” would be more appropriate.

 In the two months, sex establishments are really desperate to increase sales figures. They do what they usually don’t. They’re more open to foreign people, too.

 So you have better chances in February and November.

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