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Love Hotels

lovehotel Love hotels are made for sex.

 When a couple walk into a love hotel, they’re going to have sex shortly.

 They have distinct differences from ordinary ones.

・Availability by the Hour

 You don’t need to spend a whole night to have sex.

 You can use love hotels by the hour.

 They offer courses of 40 minutes to 3 hours at the costs of 2500 to 6000 yen. Prices are higher at night than during the day. Some expensive rooms cost over 20,000 yen.

 You can stay, too.

・Romantic Interior

 The interior is designed to create an amatory atmosphere.

 Some look like a Greek palace or gorgeous nightclub. Others have a Jacuzzi or S and M equipment.


 Most love hotels are concentrated in limited areas. Nearby are front desks of hote-heru.

 Otherwise, they’re dotted away from residential neighborhoods.

 I tried making a list of love hotels where English is accepted. But I gave up.

 It depends on English-speaking personnel whether they serve foreigners. The industry has a rapid turnover. I don’t think it’s possible to keep the list fresh.

Taxi Companies Accepting English

taxi Some larger taxi companies have resident English-speakers.

Hinomaru Taxi



Nihon Kotsu


 If you’re alright with non-English taxis, you can grab them easily where sex clubs or love hotels are found.

Foreign Female Job Seeker

gaijin Non-Japanese women can work in Japan’s sex industry, because there are establishments specializing in foreign women.

 Nearly all of them are deri-heru.

 You don’t necessarily have to speak Japanese.

 I can do some things for you. I could introduce my contacts, do some research instead or give you tips to fascinate Japanese customers from an insider’s viewpoint.

 If you’re interested, get in touch with me via the “Contact” page.

 At this moment, only Caucasian, Korean, Chinese and Thai women can get legal sex jobs in Japan. I don’t mean any racial discrimination here. The existing establishments recruit them alone.

 Sexual preferences have been becoming more diverse. I think the current situation will change in the near future.

Let’s Go Further

further I’m going to put more information when I decide it’s worth adding.

 I’m willing to accept new things. That’s part of my philosophy.

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