Insider Tips

 I’d like to uncover inside secrets here.

 If you read these, you might be able to have more fun.

Finding Beautiful Fuzokujo

finding If you want to meet beautiful female sex workers, choose exclusive clubs. Price is basically proportional to the beauty level.

 Super discount clubs recruit even the handicapped.

 There sure is a case of discount ones offering incredible girls. But you can’t tell it from the outside.

 Here’s one way to guess the beauty level of sex establishments .

 Staff want to build a long-term relationship with customers. Repeaters are one of the keys to success.

 They tend to introduce new clients women of the high level to increase the likelihood of them turning into regular ones.

 So look carefully at the first woman you meet as a new client.

Behind Recommendation

recommendation Operating a sex business means attendance of female workers.

 The most important job is to keep them coming back.

 If they can earn adequate money, they will come back again. That’s what they work for. If they can’t, they won’t.

 Here’s a jargon, “ocha” or “tea.” It means coming to work but still having no gig. Staff have to avoid making them go home with it, because she might never come back again.

 That’s why staff sometimes recommend women who are making tea at the time.

 I don’t leave up to staff the choice of who to have fun with. I always choose myself. I recommend you do the same.


enrollment Websites of sex clubs have a page introducing all the profiles of the women enrolled.

 It gives you an idea of how many are there.

 After years of working inside, I found a law. I call it “one third law.” It applied to 80% of the establishments I was involved in.

 One third comes to work over three days a week. Another comes one or two days a week. The rest never or rarely.

 If a sex club has 60 girls on its website, it really has 40. Among which, 20 are hard to meet.

 The profiles of female workers who will never come are placed on the bottom of an enrollment page, because staff want to stand out ones actually available.

 It would be better to choose from women on the upper part.

Fake Attendance

attendance Every website has a schedule page.

 It provides information of on what day and at what time women show up for work.

 Insiders call it “dummy attendance.” They put up fake information on the schedule page very often. They do so to pretend more of the female workers than the real number are available.

 What would they do if a customer chooses a dummy woman? No sweat. You tell him that she’s booked up or not recommended, and recommend others.

 Almost all of the sex establishments use dummy attendance.

 When you view a schedule, not all could be actually at work.

Lies of Profiles

profile The profile pages of Japanese female sex workers are filled with lies.

 Every number has the possibility of being rigged.

 Watch out for the age, boobs and waist in particular. They are almost certainly manipulated to make them seem younger, larger-breasted and more slender.

 I think the word “newcomer” means little. It just says she’s new to an establishment. She probably spent weeks and months in another.

 The same goes with “unexperienced.” A beginner in soapland could have five-year experience in hand-job or blow-job service.

 There are a lot of sex clubs specializing in married women. I once worked for one. About the half enrolled there had never married.

 Not all but tons of information on the profile pages is false.


photoshop More than 90 percent of pictures in Japan’s sex establishments are retouched with Photoshop.

 There are many professionals at picture modification. Larger groups of the sex business have a special department.

 It’s safe to assume that the pics of female sex workers are different from reality.

 The degree depends.

 When I began working for a deri-heru, my boss told me to view the pics on the website to remember the faces of the women they have. It was tough, because none of them matched the real ones.

 Meanwhile, there are few, but establishments which don’t retouch pictures do exist.

 There’s no way to find out whether pics are modified from the outside.

 In my view, it’s one of the fun parts to see if the woman of your choice is really as her pics are.

STD Test

std All of the sex establishments obligate each woman to undergo a STD test every month.

 At least that’s what they guarantee on their websites.

 In fact, they don’t do it so often. Many neglect it.

 The inspection is expensive. It takes more than 10,000 yen per capita to cover all the diseases. Sex clubs are unwilling to pay such an amount.

 As a result, it’s all up to women. They don’t want to pay, either, and don’t want to know the fact if they’re infected. They naturally stay away from it.

 If a sex club does conduct a monthly test on every woman, it’s just once a month. Female sex workers meet dozens of men in one month. Can you trust even the most recent result?

 Let’s say a female worker got infected and had to take a long leave. What if she has no savings or is deeply in debt? Once a woman begins to work sexually, she can’t quit easily. It’s no wonder she hides the truth from staff members.

 This is the reality.

 Please consult specialists on how to avoid the diseases.

 Fuzoku is an adult pleasure. STD infects adults alone.

 Let’s prepare ourselves, take measures and take responsibility as grown men.

My Opinion

opinion It may be too much to say this.

 You shouldn’t trust most information in the sex industry. Ultimately, you never know how it’s going to turn out until you meet a woman in person.

 You might become satisfied as expected. You might shout out loud, “Give back my money!” I think any conclusion is part of adult pleasure.

 You pay not a small amount of money voluntarily. You get special service limited to grown men. You take full responsibility for any results.

 They are privileges of adult men.

 I believe that whenever you use sexual service, you need to stick to the privileges.

 What do you think?

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