Offline Tactics

offline You don’t necessarily have to go online. Offline methods may work.

1. Magazines

 It’s a little old fashioned. But some older people still read magazines specializing in the sex industry.

 You can easily buy one at ordinary bookstores or convenience stores.

 Information on magazines is a bit outdated. It could even be two or three months older.

2. Info Center

 There are information centers in neighborhoods where sex clubs are concentrated. They give you a general idea of what the area you’re in is like.

 They carry leaflets or magazines and might have computers you can use for free.

 You can consult the center staff. Tell them what fun you’d like to have or what type of girls you’d like to meet. They’ll introduce you establishments which would cater to your demand.

 Some centers could make a phone call and reservation instead of you and ask the sex club to come and pick you up.

3. Walking Around

 This might be the easiest way.

 No Japanese is required.

 Just walk around a neighborhood dense with sex clubs patiently until someone talks to you. Even Japanese enjoy doing it.

 When I worked for sex establishments as a staff member, I met with many clients from overseas. They all visited there without any knowledge or reservation. They just strolled around the area, waiting for someone to talk to them. My co-workers knew that I speak a bit English, so they would often attract non-Japanese men.

 Regional ordinances prohibit luring customers on the street. Still, many sex establishments do that. They are desperate to survive at this time of economic stagnation.

 This method won’t take you to deri-heru, because it has no front desk. Chances include soapland, hako-heru, hote-heru and other soft services.

 Please keep in mind that this is not the most effective way. You need time and luck. Also, remember that illegal business depends on soliciting on the street.

 To decide where to walk around, go to “Area Guide.”

 When you have questions, get in touch with me.

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