Online Research

online Here are effective ways to find information on Japan’s sex industry using the Internet.

1. Search Engines

 Many Japanese turn to search engines first. They most often use the word “fuzoku” or “風俗,” plus one or two other words, such as tastes or geographical names.

 Stay away from alphabet, hiragana or katakana. Type in kanji alone whenever you can. Otherwise, you can’t get much information.

2. Bulletin Boards

 It’s kind of a classic means. But it’s still popular. The biggest bulletin boards are Ni Tyanneru(2ちゃんねる), Hosu Rabu(ホスラブ) and Baku Sai(爆サイ).

 They show both right and wrong information. It would be better not to turn to them too much. You might as well read them as entertainment.

3. Portal Sites

 This is the most reliable way to gather information.

 There are a numerous number of web portals which handle only sex establishments. Many specialize in specific tastes.

 Japanese people who often go to sex clubs search for such sites first.

 Websites with adult content can’t apply for a PPC advertisement campaign. So sex businesses have no choice but to place ads on web portals.

 The largest portals cover virtually all of sex clubs in Japan.

 They lead viewers’ attention to clubs that pay more. You might also like to look at those that are not very visible, because they could serve you better.

4. Movie Portals

 There are even web portals providing only movies of Japanese sex workers. As with web portals, sex businesses upload videos as online marketing.

 Pictures on profile pages are almost certainly photoshopped. But it’s technically difficult for sex clubs to retouch female figures on motion content. You can rely on what you see on movie sites.

 I don’t think it’s easy to do the above without Japanese proficiency. So I created lists of the biggest and most useful web and movie portals. Even local people don’t know so many sites as the lists.

 Download the PDF file on this page.

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