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The First Pick
Most Foreigner-Friendly Prefecture in Japan
Major Red-Light Districts in Tokyo
What Clubs to Choose

The First Pick

firstpick Tokyo has roughly 2,000 sex establishments.

 The government estimates there are around 20,000 throughout Japan.

 One-tenth of them are found in Tokyo alone, out of 47 prefectures. So many sex clubs concentrate in the small area.

 Technically, authorities accepted about 2,000 notifications and issued approvals of the same number. Not all of them are in operation. Some licenses are not at play. There are cases of clubs which have several licenses and websites.

 Even so, Tokyo’s number overwhelms other prefectures. Not only the multitude but also its diversity is the greatest.

 No other areas are easier and more fun to experience adult pleasure in Japan. If people from overseas want to enjoy sexually, I think they should choose Tokyo first.

Most Foreigner-Friendly Prefecture in Japan

mostforeigner I’m very sorry.

 Japan’s sex establishments are not very open to foreign people. Quite a number of them shut them out at the entrance.

 If you already have visited front desks of sex clubs in Japan, you might have been told, “Japanese only,” or “No gaijin.” Then, they encouraged you to walk out.

 Keeping the door closed to foreigners means missing opportunities for them to learn beauties of my home country. It’s too cold to keep denying demand of customers in need.


 The area including Tokyo is called “Kanto.” It includes Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba Prefectures. They also have a large number of sex establishments like Tokyo, though not as many.

 Of these four, Tokyo is the most open to foreigners.

 Some might argue, “That’s not the case. I was rejected at many places there!” I understand. But looking at the overall number, it’s Tokyo that has the most gaijin-friendly sex clubs. The number is probably more than you imagine. .

 One of the reasons would be that it has the most non-Japanese residents. I hope other prefectures will follow suit.

 Today, Tokyo is the most foreigner-friendly place in Japan.

Major Nightlife Districts in Tokyo

majornightlife Every city has their characteristics.

 So does those in Tokyo.

 Maybe, some people abroad already heard of Akihabara, the epicenter of Otaku culture, or Harajuku, a trendsetting town of Kawaii fashion.

 It’s a bit troublesome for sex establishments to run scattered around anywhere like convenience stores. They tend to concentrate in limited places. Each district has some features.

 Here’s a brief description of major red-light districts in Tokyo.


 It’s the northeastern area of the Shinjuku Station.

 There’s a sleepless town called “Kabukicho” here, which some say is the biggest nightlife district in Japan. Anything goes there. It’s too easy to get drugs or buy sex.

 Shinjuku Nichome is a heaven for gays. It’s lined with such bars and pubs. Male gays and transsexuals head off to this place from all around the country.

 Shinjuku has a wide variety of sex establishments, including exclusive and discount ones. The place brings to Japanese’ minds suspicious but dazzling image of amusement and entertainment.

 It epitomizes Japan’s sex industry.


 Japan had brothels nationwide called “Yuukaku.”

 Its densest zone was Yoshiwara.

 Female workers there were called “Oiran.” They wore colorful kimono, put on showy makeup and sold sex to men. Tons of movies have taken them up as a subject.

 Just after major crackdowns had occurred, special bathhouses of soapland emerged in the same place. The brothels transformed into a new shape.

 Yoshiwara is the mecca of soaplands in Japan. Over one hundred bathhouses open until midnight in just several blocks.

 Its geographical name has vanished, but it remains as a common term.


 The city of Shibuya might be a bit well-known in other countries, particularly among young girls. The fashion trend represented by “kawaii” originates here.

 It’s the forefront of fashion in Japan. Even ordinary people on the streets look amazingly sophisticated.

 That could be one of the reasons why a lot of beautiful female sex workers work here. Many high-end sex establishments are found. Prices are relatively higher.

 Also, you often discover porn actresses in Shibuya’s sex clubs. That’s because production companies in pornography concentrate here.


 The biggest feature is specialty clubs offering BDSM. It’s sadomasochism which comes with bondage, handcuff or whipping.

 If you’d like to experience it, You need to check out Gotanda first.

 Of course, that’s not everything. Other types of sex establishments also exist here.


 A larger number of clubs offering soft service such as pin-saro or tekoki are seen here.

 It’s known for lower price range as a whole. One of the reasons would be its easy access from neighboring prefectures where the average salary is lower than in Tokyo.


 This area surrounds the Ueno Station.

 In particular, Uguisudani is dense with deriheru and love hotels. Many of the clubs specialize in Korean or mature women.

What Clubs to Choose

whatclubsto  If you’re fluent in Japanese, you can use outcall agencies such as esute and deriheru.

 They have no front desk. They accept questions or reservations only by phone. Proficiency in Japanese is a must. Nothing begins without good conversation skill.

 Although very few, English is available at some outcall ones. A bit more serve foreigners if a native speaker intermediates.

 You don’t have to travel around at all. You tell them where you are, and just wait.

 Also, many other sorts of sex establishments welcome gaijin customers with Japanese proficiency.

If you don’t speak Japanese, choose clubs with a front desk.

 Those with a front desk include soapland, hakoheru, hoteheru and soft service like pinsaro.

 99 percent of Japanese don’t speak other languages. Clerks at front desks don’t, either.

 However, you don’t necessarily have to be able to speak other languages to meet non-Japense clients at the reception. Some staff are willing to serve them by gesticulating or speaking broken English.

 First, you need to find a front desk and visit there yourself.

 If possible, it would be better to make sure the club you’re going to visit is foreigner-friendly. If not, it could possibly happen that they turn you down at the entrance.

 Plus, lots of clubs accept foreign customers when they’re with a local friend or interpreter.

 I hope you have a great time in Tokyo’s sex industry.

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