Caucasian Sex Workers

 Some escorts do business in Japan. They have websites written in English and targets foreign customers.

 Their price is comparatively high. Many of them require more than twice the price of the average sex establishments targeting Japanese. A variety of reasons such as economic recession in Japan could contribute to the current situation, but their strong attitude surprises me.

 Men who visit Japan for pleasure or on business might as well have money. At least they cannot be the poor. I guess they are anxious to let loose far away from their home country and everyday hustle.

1 Aside from escorts, there are sex establishments which specialize in foreign women and target Japanese customers. Their websites are written in Japanese.

 The Japanese people, like other Asians, have a longing for western women, especially for Caucasians. They play big roles and catch attention on Hollywood movies. They often appear on TV ads. Most people envy their beautiful face and great figure. More and more of TV personalities of half blooded are seen these days here.

 There are three decent sex clubs specializing in Caucasian female workers in Tokyo. They’ve been lasting for over ten years, which means they’re popular and trustworthy. In other words, those except them have little value to pick up.

 Their price is not very high. Rather, lower than usual.

 All of the clubs are categorized into herusu, which means they don’t provide penetration. Still, it’s hard to monitor what happens behind closed doors. Men want to enjoy full sex. As a matter of fact, almost all of foreign female workers offer penetration during sessions, of course, in exchange for money. The unspoken agreement causes the relatively low price.

 Over half of Japanese herusu workers do penetration for free. That may be because they want more repeat customers, or they want to avoid anything troublesome. Anyway, they don’t demand money in most cases.

 Maybe nationality matters here. Japanese women do full sex for free. On the other hand, foreign women never do so without money.

 I don’t mean to decide what’s good or bad here. But it makes me think.

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