Characteristics Of Female Sex Workers

 I’ve met and talked with hundreds of female sex workers. I realized that they share the same features. Not all of them actually applies to all of them, but many of them do.

 Looking into the features might make it a bit clearer what they are in their private lives.


sv It’s hard to find sex workers who don’t smoke at all.

 It doesn’t matter how old they are. Whether they’re eighteen years old or in their forties, almost all of them smoke. From my perspective, about ninety percent of them do.

 But they’re trained not to do so during sessions. Customers don’t have to worry about cigarettes.

 Their work causes a lot of stress in their romantic lives. If they have a boyfriend, they almost always bother over whether they should confess their job. Also, they have to have a lot of secrets to hide from their parents.

 Such a position may cause them to reduce mental burden by smoking.


 They wear sunglasses very often, particularly when they travel to the workplace.

 The glasses tend to be big, so much so that they look weird with what they wear and their atmosphere.

 I think it reflects their sense of guilt. They don’t want people to learn that they work sexually.


 It’s not rare to meet girls with a tattoo in this industry.

 I personally feel that the number is obviously high compared to those outside.

 There were cases of a girl who looked calm and quiet to the eye actually had a big tattoo all around the belly. Another one told me that she wanted to cover her whole body with tattoos if her boyfriend allowed her to.


 There is an occupation in Japan, where women pay money to get served by men, who make their customers feel happier by chatting, drinking or flattering. No sexual actions are involved.

 The job is called “hosuto.” Most of them have long, dyed hair, look like pop stars and very good at treating women.

 Their service charge is not cheap. Rather, it’s pretty expensive.

 Here again, not all but a huge proportion of their clients consist of female sex workers.


 I feel that the proportion of sex workers who have pets is higher than those in other industries. The longer their career is, the more proportion.

 It’s partly because they can’t talk openly about what they do with friends or family. Still, women tend to talk a lot and have to let out what they have in mind.

 Maybe they need someone to talk to or something to care about. It would be a part of nature of femininity.

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