Culture Of Fake Relationship

 This post is about Japan’s culture of fake relationship.

 Almost all the countries have places to drink alcohol. So does Japan.

 Here, such places clearly fall into two categories: those to just drink, and those to chat with women.

 I think the former is obvious.

 One of the trends in Japan is “dart bar.” You can enjoy both alcohol and a game of darts. It also creates a lot of opportunities to meet various people.

 Places to chat with girls have several different names: sunakku, raunji, or kyabakura.

 It’s not that bartenders or waitresses are willing to have conversations. They have female workers just to serve customers by chatting. According to the store system, you can choose who to have a chat with.

 Just one hour of talking without drinking costs about 10,000 yen at some places. It’s a bit expensive. It offers no sexual service.

 What do female workers do to increase sales? They just please men by chatting to encourage them to order more. They try to make them stay as long as possible.

1 Why do men visit such places just for conversation?

 First, they want comfort.

 Women are there to please you. They listen to you closely, give you many compliments or cheer you up. I think those are important factors for men’s life.

 Many troubles come up when you actually go out with a girl. In a relationship based on money, there are no such worries. It’s rational and reasonable in some ways.

 The bad-looking can’t pass interviews, because they charge customers a fair amount of money. You get to meet relatively beautiful women easily. That’s also one of the great aspects.

 In addition, perhaps men have a feeling that they might actually be able to go out with the women in front of them. “She works here, and I’m just another customer, but …” … thoughts like that. The odds are not good, but they can’t help but building up expectations. At least, that’s the case with Japanese guys.

 Female workers know that. They create an atmosphere that they might actually fall in love with you, because they want you to use more money.

 Fake romance is the key here. Who gets attracted more? It’s a sort of competition.

 As a matter of fact, many sex workers have worked at such places, particularly kyabakura. They don’t feel odd at all because they use femininity in both cases.

 I have talked with many of the ex-kyabakura workers myself. They said that more than half of girls go out with clients. Not a small number of them get laid with them to draw more attention.

 In Japan, sales using sleeping around is called “pillow” business.

 A sex worker told me, “About 80 percent of kyabakura girls do pillow jobs.”

 You have to sell the body anyway. If so, it’s better and easier to work as a sex worker. You can earn more that way. … That’s the reason why she got into the sex business.

 Men keep on paying money, thinking “Maybe she could be mine” or “I could be in bed with her.” Women think “What can I do to make him use more?” or “How can I draw more attention from him?”

 Fake relationship has been around and will be in the future in Japan. It might be so because some of them have become real. I don’t know.

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