Economic Condition of 2014

 Like others, Japan’s sex industry has busy and slack periods.

 For example, the busiest months are August and December. The slack ones when nothing works are February and November.

 Now, December of 2014 has passed. How did the sales go, compared to last year?

 To come right to the point, it became worse. It was true of the club I’ve been involved in and of those my acquaintances work for.

q I hear some say that sales figures were better than last year. I got the impression that as a whole, the economy of Japan’s sex industry is not picking up.

 I work at a hoteheru. It has a front desk on the first floor along a street, which is lined with many sex establishments. It’s easy to see what the traffic is. I don’t think it was as crowded as last year.

 I have two co-workers who have worked for other shops until a few months ago. Both have a fair amount of inside experience. They told me, “I feel the whole economy of the industry has been weakening further and further.”

 I agree with them.

 Japan faces a declining birth rate. I will take some time for the current government’s economic measures to create results. I feel concerned that the rate of virginity among Japanese young people has been increasing.

 The inclination will continue for years.

 Also, another trend has been becoming more and more widespread in Japan’s sex business. I think it’s a good news to readers like you.

 Sex establishments which accept foreign customers are on the increase.

 I visited a website of an outcall agency for the first time in years. I remember calling them to ask if they accept non-Japanese customers. They turned me down dryly. Today, they have an English page saying that they’re open to foreigners, only if Japanese speakers broker reservations, because they have no English-speaking staff.

 I think that’s the case with most clubs. Few native Japanese speak any other languages.

 I think it’s a great thing we’re more open to people from overseas. Japan’s sex industry has tons of unique aspects. I hope many peoples enjoy a hidden side of my home country. That’s a reason why I run this blog.

 I know it might sound stupid, and some will call me weird or stupid.

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