Female Customers At Sex Establishments?

 Over 99 percent of people who visit front desks at sex establishments are male.

 Female workers enrolled are an exception. It’s uncommon for other kinds of women to appear at such a place.

 Although very rare, there are times when you face a situation like that.

1 For example, those asking for a job interview.

 Women usually make phone calls or send e-mails to get a job at sex establishments, or they turn to mediators called “sukauto.” They take it for granted. So do staff.

 Fairly infrequently and suddenly, you could face women who take a different measure.

 You’re sitting down at a reception of a sex club. You hear a women say “Hello” to you. You find a young girl standing in front of you. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s really confusing as a staff member.

 Only male customers are supposed to be there. Instead, you’re talking to someone who can’t be there. It brings a strong sense of strangeness.

 However, you have to take care of the situation, and it seems you can do it quite naturally.

 This is what I’ve gone through.

 She was relatively tall for a Japanese woman and was modestly dressed like a housewife. She appeared to be in her early twenties and wore less make up. To me, she was fairly cute.

 ”I’m looking for a job. Could I have an interview right away?” she said.

 I asked her what kind of place it was. She turned out to have some experience. She had worked at other places over two years earlier.

 She had decided to work in the sex business again. She wanted to begin as soon as possible. She didn’t want to use e-mail or telephones, so she strolled around the area densely populated with sex establishments, happening to find a clean and good-looking reception. And then she talked to the clerk, which was me.

 She was able to do the above because she had actual experience. It’s impossible for those who are inexperienced.

 We decided to hire her. Later, she brought another women with her. She was also beautiful and had experience.

 In another case, I have met a lesbian customer.

 It was at a hakoheru, which had a front desk, waiting room and several private rooms in the back. Until then, 100 percent of customers were male.

 One day, a woman visited there. She appeared to be around 30 years old, had dyed her hair brown and wore blue jeans. She was just another woman next-door.

 I thought she was also looking for a job. But she wasn’t. She told me that she was there to get a session with a female worker.

 We had just hired a newcomer who had worked at another place for a long time and had exchanged phone numbers with regular customers. She was one of them.

 The newcomer had worked at a club specializing in sadomasochism. Unlike ordinary clubs, it offered different types of service including lesbian courses.

 The hakoheru targeted only male customers. None of the staff member expected female customers to visit there. We asked the manager what to do.

 He decided to accept her.

 I saw for the first time a woman entering the waiting room.

 I have read that at least one to two percent of the entire population are homosexual or bisexual. Maybe it’s not a very surprising thing.

 The number of outcall agencies specializing in lesbians and gays has been increasing in number these days in Japan.

 There are a variety of sexual preferences. I think diversity is one of the most important things.

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