Female Fans

 There are some news reports about Japanese young people losing interest in sexuality. It’s considered one of the reasons for declining birth rate and aging population.

 On the other hand, more and more female fans of porn actresses and female sex workers have been seen recently.

 There are two kinds of porn actresses in Japan. One doesn’t have screen names. The other does. Those without names amount to more than 90 percent. To start a screen-name career, they have to be fairly beautiful and attractive, because movie makers can choose from a lot of wannabes.

 The same goes with female sex workers. Applicants who are not good-looking have difficulty passing job interviews in the sex industry, because more and more women want to become sex workers. Those who cannot pass tend to work at discount clubs. Among those who pass, it’s easy to find women as beautiful as TV personalities.

1 Beautiful women attract not only men but also women.

 The Internet has become widespread today. It’s natural for even non-famous people to keep an online journal. It’s pretty common to find comments by girls at blogs of female sex workers. Maybe it’s a sign that prejudice against the sex business has been disappearing.

 The number is not high, but some amateurs argue that they want to “work as a sex worker” or “make a debut as a porn actress.” They say they want to contribute to the world with “ultimate hospitality.”

 I believe there is no difference between any jobs. Sex jobs are not lower than the others. Still, I admit that I can’t give a 100 percent yes to the question, “Should women sincerely hope to become a sex worker?” Topics about sexuality are very delicate. What do you think?

 Negative bias has been decreasing, at least. I think that itself is a good thing.

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