Female Staff At Sex Shops

 About two decades ago, people had lots of prejudice against the sex business in Japan.

 As years went by, I feel the bias has been decreasing gradually.

 Surveys show that not a few women have a longing for porn stars. Some even declare on their websites that they wish to gain success as JAV actresses.

 Just days ago, an adult movie company held a conference at colleges to recruit young employees. A female office worker there said, “It’s just another company, seriously.”

 Years ago, a DVD of how to lose weight by enjoying sex became a big hit.

 I feel the prejudice against the sex industry has been obviously changing.

 There were many special businesses which help women protect their reputation. Their jobs included answering phones instead, forging documents and becoming a guarantor. Such firms have almost gone, because women are not so desperate for public image any more.

 At the same time, female staff members other than sexual workers who serve customers firsthand have been rising in number.

 I know several cases of soaplands where a mature woman meet clients at a front desk. You don’t have to be embarrassed. They know what they do.

 I myself have met two of them on the spot.

 It felt a bit confusing and awkward at first when she said, “What type of women would you like?” or “This gal, and this gal are available right now.” But it was totally fine.

 During the session, I asked a masseuse about the female staff at the reception. She told me that she was not a former sex worker but an ordinary housewife.

 Maybe not all but at least some of women are willing to work at sex establishments.

1 I have worked on a street densely populated by sex establishments. It’s well-known in Japan and called “unfilial street.”

 I was walking there one day and found an extremely fat girl standing in front of a club. Much of her belly was on her belt. I wondered what she was doing in such a place.

 And then she talked to me, “Are you looking for fun? We’ve got a newcomer.” That really surprised me and I asked her some questions.

 She had once worked as a sex worker at the shop. She gained tons of weight because of mental stress and couldn’t help quitting. And then she began working as a receptionist.

 Such cases are not uncommon. I myself had a female coworker as staff. I got to know her when she was a sex worker at the place I worked for.

 She had worked as a sex provider for over a decade and had been in a long-term relationship with one man. At first, everything had been okay. But he gradually started feeling uncomfortable about her job.

 At the end, she had to quit. She was over thirty years old. She knew almost nothing except the sex business.

 So the manager decided to hire her as staff.

 She knew exactly what was going on from women’s points of view. It was a great advantage. And she still works at the same workplace today.

 Just one minute’s walk from there, there is another establishment. It has female receptionists, too. They are twins and both have a great figure like fashion models.

 One of them is a lover of a married gangster. He manages two clubs and lets her in charge of both.

 He often appears there. I’ve heard him insulting the staff members loudly many times. He’s well known for his yakuza-style operation.

 The twin receptionists solicit men on the street enthusiastically. They sometimes harass other clubs and don’t hesitate to cause troubles. They can be provocative because they have a strong backing.

 These are just a few. There are more cases.

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