Flying Staff

 I’d been involved in transportation service for over 8 years.

 About one year after I quit, I got into the sex industry.

 When asked if I have had enough experience as an adult, I feel I may not have.

 I still am not sure if a phenomenon where staff suddenly disappear without any notice is common in other fields, although I know it’s caused by lack of common sense.

 The phenomenon happens too often in the sex business.

 There’s a kind of jargon, “fly.” It’s applied to male staff, not female workers. It literally means they don’t come to work suddenly and can’t be reached in any way.

 The sex industry gives less importance to qualifications, job experience or educational background. Still, you can earn the average amount of salary.

 It might be too much to say this, but I think you tend to meet a higher proportion of dull-minded people than other areas. It contributes to the fact that too many staff fly so frequently.

1 Looking back, I’ve just been surprised that at clubs I worked for, about 80 percent of staff members who quit flew away.

 How do you feel? What about your workplace? Is it a natural thing?

 I must admit that I myself did fly.

 It was a “delivery health” or an outcall agency. After started working, I found that it was a very unsuccessful place.

 It forced staff to stay at the workplace for 12 hours a day. There were not a lot of things to work on. The phone rarely rang in the first place.

 The bosses ordered me to do the cleaning again and again. It was obvious there was no need to do so. But I had to.

 When I had a chance, I sat at a PC to try something. I did what I wasn’t told to do, because I wanted to attract customers, even if they were just a few.

 When they found it out, my bosses told me, “You don’t have to touch the PC any more, ’cause you do what you shouldn’t.” They kept me away from the PC, and my work declined.

 Two days later, a boss told me that some employees had complained about me, because I’d been lazy.

 I flew away in one week. I couldn’t stand it and felt it was unnecessary to tell them anything.

 I shouldn’t make excuses. It’s a fact that I did flew.

 Let me note down some other cases I know.

 1. He had been there for three months. He had learned to do a certain extent of important jobs. The manager suggested we gave him more responsibility. One day, he insisted that he took three days off because his father in his hometown got sick. The manager allowed him to. And then we never came back.

 2. He showed up for work as usual. Hours had passed and it was his turn to take a rest. He had used to eat out at his time off. “Thank you. I’ll come back soon,” said he, but he didn’t.

 3. “I forgot to get my suits from the cleaners. They’re open until 8:00 and are going to be closed for the next three days. If I don’t get it now, I can’t wear them starting tomorrow.” He was allowed to leave for a while. Those were his last words.

 4. He requested a job interview via e-mail. On the second day, one of my co-workers, who had serious likability issues, told him something tough. The newcomer e-mailed us on the same day, saying “I can’t go on any longer.”

 5. He drove women home after work by the club’s car. He came to the workplace as usual. Before anyone knows, he disappeared. He decided to fly away, but probably he didn’t want to keep the company’s car.

 6. One day, a staff member didn’t show up and became impossible to get through. Everybody thought he also flew, but about a week later, he came back. He had been thrown into a police cell due to family problems and even unable to use his cell phone. We all knew that he had such troubles and decided to take him in. A few days later, He vanished again and for good.

 7. After I started to work at a sex establishment, one staff member disappeared each month. Four did in four months. The reason was the manager, who was such an idiot that I couldn’t believe he enjoyed his post. The company president realized how serious the situation was. He carried through a reform. In the sixth month, the manager flew away.

 There were also staff who disappeared with the words, “I’ll get something. I’ll be back soon.” I can’t count how many of those were there who flew on the next day of payday.

 I’ve begun to feel awkward and miserable by writing this.

 The sex business has tons of people who are sensible, intelligent or organized. They do really great jobs every day. At the same time, it has a tendency to attract people who easily disappear.

 It’s another aspect of the industry.

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