How Japanese Sex Workers Find Jobs

 There are three routes for Japanese women to find where to work.

1. Websites of Sex Clubs

 The most important and difficult task in running a sex business is to continue to gather newcomers. Female sex workers are always needed at any establishments.

 Almost all of the websites of sex clubs have a classified advertisement page.

 Women find them and choose one by themselves. And then get in touch with the staff via e-mail or phone.

2. Job Information Sites

 Tons of web portals exist specializing in classifieds in the sex industry.

 One just places job offers from sex clubs. Another exhibits women in search of work, like dating sites.

 It’s extremely easy for women to obtain employment online in Japan’s sex business.

3. Sukauto

 This word is a Japanese version of “scout.”

 It’s a kind of people who meet women who’s looking for a place to work, and mediate them to adult establishments. Most of them are men.

 What they do may seem as if they’re just playing around by addressing and picking up girls.

 For club staff, sukauto is a very dependent resource of female workers. Through the Internet, women of all kinds apply for a job interview. Age, appearance, measurements, and personalities.

 But sukauto guys bring those who are relatively beautiful and willing to start off, because they have done the explanation and persuasion.

 If you’re female and interested in a spot job in the Japanese sex industry, feel free to e-mail me. I might be of help. I have some contacts.

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