How much Do Sex Workers Earn?

 The job information sites I introduced in a previous post promote themselves by the word “high income.” Do female sex workers really earn lots of money?

 It depends on how to make comparisons. Let me tell you a bit about inside details.

 First of all, it differs according to how many days a month and how many hours a day they work.

 Few women show up more than for five days a week. One in ten at most. Most of them for two to four days.

 Their working hours vary. Some come for only three hours a day. Others for twelfth consecutive hours. It’s one of the big advantages for women in the sex business to be able to choose how long they work.

 More days and hours don’t mean more money. Popularity counts.

 The more gigs they get, the more salary. Conversely, they make nothing without having any session.

 I think it’s tough for women that their appearance has a direct impact on how much they earn. It’s something they were born with and can’t be changed easily.

 Female workers with great features and figure are a lot more likely to make money. Those who are less beautiful tend to make less.

1 What’s more important than how they look is how much satisfaction they give to customers. If they gratify them, they will come back. Again, popularity counts here.

 I can clearly say that no matter how beautiful women are, if they don’t get clients back, they get less and less income as time goes by.

 In the long run, repeat customers are the key.

 In general, newcomers can have a tendency to earn a lot. Men are a kind of animal who wants to sleep around. Customers of sex establishments are always interested in new women.

 After a few weeks, so-called income gaps begin to emerge. Like other occupations, female sex workers depend on popularity or repeat customers.

 They are not paid by the hour. They are paid by the job. They have to make efforts.

 It might sound strange, but they also need talent. I even have met some with “natural ability” as female sex workers.

 Anyway, it’s not easy to make comparisons with other areas.

 Shifting perspectives, there are differences among types of sex clubs.

 Let’s look at soaplands, the king of the sex business in Japan. Soapland masseuses at exclusive places make the most money of all.

 Not every woman can get into the workforce. Some says on their job page that they hire only the good-looking.

 Such places offer sessions of two hours for over 60,000 yen. Of which, female workers get about 35,000. If they meet three customers a day, they earn over 100,000 yen in just one day.

 If they work 20 days a month, their monthly income is over 2,000,000. I’ve heard that some who successfully get tons of popularity make well over 3,000,000 in one month.

 When it comes to herusu which I’ve been involved, female workers cannot earn that much. But if they become popular, their income is around 800,000 yen a month on average. Ordinary workers make 400,000, give or take.

 Things are not the same at discount clubs which have been on the increase these days. One can earn only 200,000 to 300,000, which is not that different from other kinds of jobs.

 Unpopular workers earn just enough to make a living. You might think that in that case, they should start a new career. I also thought so.

 When they show up for work for eight hours a day, that doesn’t mean they work for the eighth or seventh straight hours. They just “wait” until they get a gig. They can do whatever they want while they’re waiting. They can play games with a mobile phone or read magazines or manga.

 Other jobs doesn’t allow such freedom during working hours. Once women get used to the sex business, they find it difficult to work differently.

 That’s not the only reason, but I think most female sex workers can’t quit until they die, even if they might be away. They could declare they quit and will never come back, but after a while a majority of them end up in coming back. I’ve heard them say many times that “I’m afraid of myself, because I thought I would never do this job, but I’m here again.”

 I’ve been a bit off the subject.

 There’s a non-profit organization in Japan which supports female sex workers. They conducted a survey about a year ago which found the average monthly income of them was 300,000 throughout Japan.

 They are not rich. They are just the average.

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