How to Get Laid in Tokyo

 What can one do to have sex with women easily and quickly in Tokyo?

 The best option is to use money.

 Women reading this article are now wanting to kill me, I guess. It’s the fact, however, lots of men think like that.

 That’s true, for example, when they’re traveling a country far away from home.

 People have a lot of constraints in daily life. They may be suffering from stressful work or troublesome relationship.

 On a trip abroad, they should become open in mental and physical senses. They also should wish to do something they cannot at home.

 Men buy women, and women sell their body. It’s one of the oldest occupations in the history of human being. Apart from travel, it’s always been around anytime and anywhere.

 That’s the case with Japan. Tokyo is not only the capital of Japan but also the No.1 spot for adult pleasure.

 What type of such pleasures does Tokyo offer?

 In this article, I’m going to write down what local men do to get laid in exchange for money.

 I don’t guarantee foreign men who cannot speak Japanese can do the same things.

1. Dating Sites

pcmax09 Some dating sites provide breeding ground for prostitution. Examples include PC Max, Happy Mail, Wakuwaku Mail or Mint C J Mail.

 Women who seek serious relationship online do exist, but they’re not many. If a women contacts you at such sites, it’s almost 100 percent possible that she’s related to money.

 She might lead you to another paid sites, try to sell you something or suggest “warikiri.”

 Warikiri is a keyword for prostitution at dating sites. The impression of the word could translate into “becoming practical” or “throwing off illusion.”

 ”Sapo” are also used often. It’s short for “support.” Other terms are “including hotel” meaning you need to pay hotel charge or “two separately” meaning they want 20,000 yen when they leave.

 The online prostitution has become a serious social issue in Japan. Behind it lies an increasing poverty rate of unmarried women.

 The going rate is 20,000 yen. In general, men pay hotel charge. Some older women demand only 10,000 or less.

 You exchange e-mails in a website to negotiate a session. When a deal is done, they meet near a love hotel and check in.

2. Matchmaking Cafe

2008_04230010 It’s a place where men pay money to meet women.

 First, women wanting to meet men enter a waiting room. It could have a camera or a one-way mirror so that one can view the inside from without.

 Men need to pay an entrance fee. And then, they look at what women are in the room and choose one. They tell the staff about her. The two of them walk into a private space to talk about what they’re going to do.

 Here, prostitution is negotiated.

 It doesn’t apply to every case. Some girls just dine or hang around. But most women offer to sell their body. Staff there know.

 There were police intervention and tons of news reports years ago. The cafes insisted that customers were responsible for what was going on, and they had no intention to encourage illegal behavior.

 No current laws can regulate them. And they’re still operating legally.

3. Pimps

kawasaki_fuzoku3 I think it’s almost the same with other countries about how they work.

 There are few districts in Japan where many prostitutes are found. Most of them have been eradicated today. Or they move from place to place.

 You don’t have to go to brothel districts to meet prostitutes.

 If you truly want to meet them, you need to visit areas densely packed with sex establishments after midnight. All the shops with front desks have to close at 24:00.

 They have to close, but they still have women ready. Sales are not very good. Men are walking around outside.

 It doesn’t matter. Police won’t notice…

 It’s true that some sex establishments offer prostitution on the street. Sporadic crackdowns have continued, but they’re still around.

 Major groups don’t. Only small businesses do.

 Other than them, I have met pure pimps when I was walking near love hotels and soaplands after midnight.

4. Sex Establishments

1 It’s a legitimate business. Staff chase profits seriously.

 It’s technically illegal. Insiders know that. Gray zones are found in tons of places in Japan where ambiguity counts a lot.

 One of the reasons for such ambiguity is due to the national character of Japanese people.

 Also, complete crackdowns on the current sex business would make it complete underground. Then, it could get out of hand of the authorities.

 As long as the police have control of the sex industry, they can supervise and make minor corrections. Losing control of it would create lawless areas.

 People don’t change the way they do things easily because someone tells them to. When something becomes impossible somewhere, one just moves to another place to do the same things.

 Worsened security would lead to the downfall of the authority.

 The police know the above. So they have tried to maintain the delicate balance to keep it under control.

 In this Internet society, almost all of the sex shops have a website. You have easy access online.

 More than half of them are described as “herusu” or “health” in English. It’s different from prostitution, because penetration, or putting the penis into the vagina, is prohibited.

 In the eye of the law, soaplands just offer help for bathing. It’s nothing to do with sexual action.

 Here, other gray zones exist. If you’re interested, find audio files on this website. As an insider, I don’t think I should write it down here casually.

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  1. Hello Ryuji Hirata
    Very interesting site I am amazed that the ladies are not exploiting the western man to there advantage. Your girls, women, ladies are amongst the most beautiful and sexy in the world. Also given the average intelligence and experience in the practice from mature women to young girls they could make a killing with foreign visitors. I for one would have visited for the chance of sexual and cultural relations with your women. Add that to your already interesting country and you could out do Thailand. I shall read on with interest and maybe pick up some Japanese.

    You seem switched on good luck.


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