Increase in Shops Specializing in Mature Ladies

 There are trends in Japan’s sex industry.

 Some come and go quickly. Others stay long.

 Sex drive is a strong desire. Some might think sex business enjoys consistent performance. That’s not the case.

 Police say there are 20,000 sex establishments throughout Japan. Tokyo has 2,000. Precisely, not all of them are in operation. But the number is not small, and competition is intense.

 It’s no use to change business policies easily. It makes no sense, however, to ignore what’s hot at the moment.

 What are catching on in recent years in Japan?

 One of the most popular types of sex clubs today is about “hitozuma.” It’s a new word coined by the adult movie industry.

 It means “mature ladies.”

 You don’t use it in day-to-day life. Women never say “I am a hitozuma,” because they know it conveys naughty impression.

 Sex establishments specializing in it have been drastically increasing in number for the past few years. I think the trend makes a lot of sense. It matches what’s going on in Japan today.

 Specifically, economic depression, demographic situation and service improvement.

1 First, Japan has been in a long-term recession. It seems things are getting better recently. Still, I feel the rich are becoming richer, and the poor are becoming poorer. Income gap keeps widening.

 I think men in general don’t have much money.

 Targeting customers of the sex industry don’t have enough resource to have fun.

 A demand for lower price is skyrocketing. One of the trends other than hitozuma is discount clubs.

 Mature clubs can easily meet the demand, because men have found more value in younger girls.

 I think the values will change little by little down the line. But it’ll be so gradual it looks almost the same for the time being.

 It’s natural that sex clubs specializing in younger girls offer higher prices. 40-year-old women should be cheaper than 20-year-old ones.

 They themselves know. They worry a lot about decline with advancing age. They accept lower salary.

 Customers without much money can’t help choosing discount shops.

 I’ve just conducted a web search. I found well over 10 of portal sites covering those specializing in hitozuma alone.

 Next, a low birth rate and an aging population.

 Decline in population shows no sign of stopping in Japan. The government has taken some measures to stave it off. There are tons of news reports.

 They appear to have no actual effect.

 Japan’s longevity is famous around the world. That itself might be a good thing, and at the same time it has negative impacts. We have fewer youngsters and more seniors.

 Even today, government statistics show the 65-year-olds or older account for one-fourth of the entire population.

 It won’t take long until we have one-third.

 Men want younger women. Plus, they have a tendency to seek those of the same age.

 The higher the average age becomes, the more needs for older women.

 There are few chances of 20-year-old boys getting married to 50-year-old ladies. It’s very likely for 60-year-old gentlemen to do so.

 That’s also the case with, for example, show business. For instance, the most popular idol group in Japan called AKB has added a 37-year-old woman as a new member just weeks ago. She was just another housewife.

 Lastly, improvement in service.

 The sex business is about hospitality. Something sexual is often downgraded, but it intends to make people happier. Providers have to please customers.

 As I wrote in another post, I believe it’s an ultimate hospitality practice.

 People experience more and tend to be more thoughtful as they get older.

 I can clearly say that younger girls are on the selfish side. It can’t be helped, because they don’t know the world enough. It’s part of the job of staff members to patiently educate them to do things better.

 On the other hand, it’s not uncommon that older ladies needs no training. They are mature in many senses.

 That means less burden for staff and greater service for customers.

 A sex establishment I worked for around two years mainly hired girls in their twenties. It had a monthly ranking based on popularity on its website. At least two of the top five entries were over 30 years old, and as many as four in some months.

 The young body has a great appeal. Mature ladies have something men can’t ignore.

 Judging from what I’ve read and heard so far, I feel Japanese standard for offering service is quite high. It might be older women rather than younger ones who can meet their needs.

 Belatedly, you could say that guys in Japan have been beginning to realize their attractiveness. That’d be one of the reasons for the current trend of the mature.

 It may be considered just a fad now. I think it will take root in society and turn into a genre.

 It already has, probably.

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