Increase Of Guest Sex Workers

 More and more female sex workers have been working away from home.

 You can find sex establishments in rural areas. Today, most of them are outcall agencies. Still, they’re nowhere near the epicenters of sex business such as Tokyo.

 There were some guest workers from countrysides to Tokyo, although the number was not large.

 When I had just entered Japan’s sex industry, I met a very few. Probably one out of fifty.

 The number has been rising these days. I feel it’s been two or three times more than around seven years ago.

 No researches or surveys have been conducted. I thought of some reasons.

l・The Internet

 Before the advent of the Internet, it must have been very difficult to get information about jobs far away, all the more because it’s about women and sexual stuff.

 It’s easy to imagine that working away from home was a lot more difficult than today.

 The Internet has enabled what was impossible before it hadn’t widespread. You can learn about the whole country without walking around at all, and without anybody knowing it.

 A lot of sex job info sites have been around now. Also, websites specializing in guest works even exist.

 At a sex club whose manager is acquainted with me, more than half of the women enrolled come from other prefectures, after registering several such sites.

・Low Pay

 This is the biggest reason. When I asked guest workers why they decided to come outside, most of them pointed it out.

 The average salary in rural areas are a great deal lower. Tokyo has the highest, and not a small number of other prefectures have only half of it.

 Naturally, the prices at sex establishments are lower, too. It’s about two-thirds, compared to that of Tokyo.

 That means female sex workers can earn only two-thirds while doing the same thing.

・Public appearances

 Almost all of the faces of female sex workers are blurred in the pictures of sex clubs in order to protect their privacy.

 Bias against such jobs has been decreasing. Still, it’s not easy to come out. Few women can confess to their parents that they make money offering sexual service.

 About half of sex workers whose faces are not hidden online work away from where they were born and raised.

 If you work far away from the hometown, you rarely get caught lying. If you do, just saying “It’s not me” is enough.

 A woman told me that she once worked at her hometown, and people including her family, co-workers and boyfriend fount out about her sexual work. As a result, she lost everything. She promised she wouldn’t do it again but decided to come back to the business far away from where they live.

 From a management point of view, new comers are always welcome. Sex establishments always run short of female workers. Men always want different women. The more girls, the better.

 Incidentally, there was a sex worker who left an impression on me.

 She chose a workplace with a dormitory 100 percent of the time. She worked there for several weeks or months. Then, she left and went to a different area. She repeated the cycle again and again.

 She told me, “My goal is to visit all the prefectures of Japan by working the way I do.” I believe it’s a pretty good way to enjoy life.

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