Is Tokyo Foreigner-Friendly?

 It seems sex industries overseas are open to any nationalities.

 I found several websites about sex tourism around the world. Some are even written by Japanese travelers.

 In Asia, Thai, Macau and the Philippines are well-known. In Europe, Germany and the Netherlands. Russian countries are also popular.

 From a personal point of view, Japan is not a very foreigner-friendly country in terms of the sex business.


 First, Japanese people have a closed nature. Compared to others, I think Japanese are not very easy to make friends with.

 Speaking out loud is not necessarily a good thing. Ambiguity is considered as beauty in many cases. Many give importance to distancing themselves away.

 I think we might be polite but not foreigner-friendly.

 Geopolitical situations also have to do with our national characters. Japan is an island country surrounded by the sea, which isolates it from other ones.

 Samuel P. Huntington classified Japan as a single civilization. He treated no other countries the same way.

 There’s no need to become bilingual or trilingual in daily life. More than 90 percent of Japanese can speak only one language.

 Its sex business has lots of unique features. Lack of language skill leads to inability to explain. It’s all but impossible to make sure non-Japanese customers understand and promise to abide by the special rules.

160 For example, hoteheru, or hotel-related sex establishments.

 They offer service at “love hotels,” which are also unique to Japan. Staff have to tell clients how to get there and what to do after checking in.

 They have to see to it that clients take a shower at the beginning and end of sessions, and that they do what women tell them to do. They need their words.

 It’s basically forbidden to cancel after actually meeting women. I know profile pics are often photoshopped, but you can’t help it.

 The biggest thing is no penetration policy. Over half of the sex clubs in Japan prohibits it.

 Can you explain all the above to someone who you can’t communicate with verbally?

 Insiders are concerned about troubles. They have to protect women. Women come first in Japan’s sex business.

 It’s a fact that many foreign customers have caused a lot of troubles. That is, however, because of lack of explanation by Japanese staff members. They have used their lack of language skill as an excuse.

 Still, foreigner-friendly shops are on the increase in recent years throughout the country, especially in Tokyo.

 One of the reasons is that it has a large number of sex clubs. There are around 20,000 all over Japan with 47 prefectures. One tenth or 2,000 are concentrated in just 1 prefecture.

 Tokyo has the most foreign residents of all. I’ve heard many times of clubs starting to accept non-Japanese customers because they meet them much more often than before.

 I believe it’s about time for Japan to change.

 If they can’t speak other languages, they just have to make display texts explaining their service at front desks. There must be ways to make sure they’re understood.

 It’s too cruel to turn back potential customers in need by the words like, “Japanese only” or “No gaijin.” Actually, many of us have taken such measures for years.

 Thanks to the Internet and globalization, humans and money transcend borders easily and quickly nowadays. I think Japanese people have to join the stream.

 It may be just a sex business. But it’s an ultimate entertainment.

 Tokyo is most advanced in terms of the hospitality practice in Japan.

 Sex establishments with an English website has been gradually increasing in number these days. Not only those which accept customers with Japanese fluency but also those without it are on the increase.

 It has a long way to go. But I think Tokyo will become more foreigner-friendly in the near future.

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