Japan as Sex Tourism Destination

 Japan’s sex industry has been shrinking.

 Everybody inside agrees.

 There are several possible reasons. Of which, I think three are having the biggest impact.

 1. Economic Depression

 People have less and less money because of wage decline, corporate downsizing or deepening debt.

 The average Japanese are getting poorer in recent years. Economic disparity is getting wider.

 If anything, sex business is an expensive amusement. We have fewer chances of doing costly things.

 In addition, the sex industry is one of those entertainment ones. It’s not necessary in life like water or food. If people don’t have much money, it would be ruled out readily.

 Cheaper sex clubs are on the increase. There were cases of exclusive soaplands lowering their prices.

 2. Declining Birth Rate and Aging Population

 It’s very well-known that Japan is the world’s top runner in lower birth rate and longevity.

 There’s no sign of birth rate rising up. Japan has the highest life-expectancy rate.

 Elderly people have been growing in number. On the other hand, young people have been decreasing.

 Sex drive and potency generally deminish with age. Sex business doesn’t work without them.

 Some say you do sex with the brains, not with the body. And I have a slight hope that a brand-new type of sex business might come into being thanks to advance in technology and change in consciousness.

 But for the time being, I think it’s inevitable for Japan’s sex industry to keep shrinking.

 3. Herbivorous men

 According to studies conducted by global condom maker Durex, Japanese people have sex least frequently out of about forty countries surveyed.

 On top of that, more and more Japanese youngsters stay away from sex these days.

 The word “herbivorous men” became a buzz term a few years ago. It represents guys who are inactive in romantic relationship and sexual action.

 Did you read an article published by the Guardian in 2013?
 ”Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?

 A friend of mine told me about her boyfriend. They were getting along well with each other. But he didn’t initiate sex at all. He wasn’t even interested when she solicited it. She asked when it would be okay with him, and he answered “just once a month.”

 As a native, I feel they’ve been still increasing all around the country.

 If the current stream continues, potential customers in the sex business will have to dwindle.

global I’ve been always wondering why Japan’s sex industry doesn’t do business in the international market.

 Everything in the world is being globalized today. Goods, people, and money transcend national borders easily and quickly. You cannot stop the trend.

 I think it’s about time for Japan’s sex business to seriously explore the global market.

 The domestic one is almost certainly going to shrink in the coming years. On the other hand, when you look overseas, there is a huge unexplored soil which has a lot of potential.

 Japan has a population of around 120,000,000. English-speaking countries have about 600,000,000. People who speak English and live in countries where it’s not the first language account for about 800,000,000. That means the English world has a population of roughly 1,400,000,000. The Cambridge Factfinder shows almost the same number.

 Its market is over 11 times larger.

 It seems Japanese women are popular around the world. I don’t know why. It may be because of Akira Kurosawa’s movies, Japanese pornography, or some other reasons. What do you think?

 Japan’s sex industry has a global appeal. An almost untouched, huge market is at hand. Its potential could be the biggest in the history of Japan’s sex business.

 I wonder why few sex establishments in Japan are serious about the English world.

tourism I believe it’s a good idea to take Japan as a sex tourism destination.

 The government will never do it. Japanese people care about public image a great deal. It’s impossible for authorities to legalize prostitution like other countries have.

 I think it’s fine. Different kinds of people have different thoughts.

 As long as you stay away from crimes, you can take free and unique actions in the private sector.

 And then, I operate this website.

 In achieving a global sex tourism in Japan, obstacles include price and language barrier.

 When it comes to monetary value, the current Japan is not a country any longer where prices are too high, due to a prolonged recession. Price of sex establishments are a lot lower than that of escorts in Japan.

 By the way, what I’m going to do won’t get cheap. I’d like to help people who are willing to go with higher price.

 Based on my experience as an insider, financial leeway equals mental. It’s controversial whether money makes leeway, or vice versa.

 Female sex workers complain most loudly about customers who try to get a discount of the cheapest session. Actually, such men break rules and cause troubles most frequently.

 Plus, I’d like to explore upscale service to challenge myself. I hope to get clients to say, “It’s well worth it,” after paying higher price.

 As for the language barrier, I have to handle everything with my poor English. I don’t have a good memory, but I’m going to improve my English skill all my life.

 I know people have pros and cons about sexual service. I’m not going to discuss here whether it’s good or bad. What I’d like to say is that it’s definitely a fact of life, and that it’s wanted badly.

 A lot of foreign men traveling in Japan hope to have fun in Japan’s sex industry. They keep missing opportunities because of obstacles such as the language barrier and the closed nature of the sex business.

 At the same time, we Japanese are missing opportunities to contribute to the world.

 I, a spooky guy who explore sex tourism in Japan, will continue my efforts.

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