“JK” Business

 One of the genres in Japan’s sex industry that’s busted often is “JK” business. It’s short for Joshikousei, or high school girls.

 ”Enjokousai”, or teen prostitution, became a big social issue about a dozen years ago. It mainly targeted high school students. The word is replaced with “warikiri” today.

 After the advent of the Internet and enjokousai, a variety of JK businesses came and went.

1 The second one was “JK rifure,” where school girls give customers reflexology. Its service went far beyond foot treatment. It depended on hidden menus. They’ve been cleared out totally.

 There used to be “JK peeping rooms” as well, where you can watch JK girls through a one-way mirror. They could sit down in a posture that their panty is showing. The clubs ran quietly on SNS or bulletin boards, but they ended up catching too much attention, leading to swift crackdown.

 Today, there are “JK photo sessions.” You can take pictures of real JK girls to your heart’s content during a limited amount of time. No sexual laws apply to this kind of service, so police have second thought about getting tough on them. They still run publicly. In reality, I hear that the sessions don’t always close without hidden menus. Everything happens behind closed doors. They could be difficult to deal with.

“JK walk” has been attracting public attention these days. You can go out for a walk, dine at restaurants, or watch movies at theaters with JKs. Each one of the activities cost extra fee. Like other services, I think something is going on secretively here, too.

 Why are Japanese so obsessed with them?

 For one, younger girls are attractive simply.

 Plus, I feel Japan is one of the most pedophiliac countries in the world. A survey conducted in 2002 found that 15 percent of Japanese men had watched child porn, and that 10 percent answered people around them possessed it. Don’t you think the number is high?

 Look at Japanimation. It reminds people of girls with big, exaggerated eyes. Virtually no animation pieces have heroines over 30 years old. I think it kind of shows that Japanese are into younger women.

 The current “idol” culture such as AKB48 also backs it up. Idols are music groups consisting of girls in their teens to early twenties. They monopolize the top of almost all of the music rankings. They wear the JK type of uniforms.

 JK is a part of the Japanese culture. It naturally has a major impact on the sex industry.

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