Korean Agencies In Japan

 Korean clubs are one of the biggest genres in Japan’s sex industry.

 It seems prostitution of Korean people is very common around the world. I often read that it’s rare to find Japanese prostitutes outside Japan, but it’s not uncommon to encounter Korean ones.

 What do you think?

 There’s an area densely populated with Korean sex establishments, which is Uguisudani in Tokyo. It’s also well known for those of mature ladies.

 Almost all of them fall into “delivery health” or “deriheru.” It dispatches women to any rooms such as hotel or your own place by car or taxi.

 I personally think neighborhoods with many Korean residents tend to come with sex clubs. Other than Uguisudani, cases include oukubo in Tokyo and Akebono-cho in Kanagawa.

 Based on what I heard from my friends and what I saw and read on the Web, it seems Korean sex clubs have some characteristics.

1 For one, the faces of female workers online look almost the same. They’re very similar to one another.

 I could say they look like Korean music groups, such as KARA or Girl’s Generation.

 It’s said that cosmetic surgery is more common than one imagines in South Korea. Some mothers even give it to their children as a present. I guess most of celebrities there must have undergone some kind of the surgery.

 Perhaps, similar faces at Korean sex clubs mean that those are the ideal ones for Korean guys.

 There’s no need to say that most of such faces on the Internet are modified with Photoshop. It doesn’t surprise me at all if I hear a story that a totally different woman from websites come to you at Korean places.

 Secondly, they have weird manners on the phone. For example, when I asked a clerk who were available at the moment by phone, he told me that whoever would be in a few hours.

 If that’s the case, I can’t help wondering whey they have schedule pages online in the first place. Maybe I’m being a bit perverse here, but I guess they don’t feel obligated to dispatch women who customers choose.

 It’s possible that they have just a few female workers. The faces on profile pics look very similar, so it may not be a big problem.

 Anyway, I find it difficult to digest from a Japanese point of view.

 Plus, one of the biggest differences is penetration. Deriheru doesn’t offer it, not at least legally.

 Law isn’t everything. You find gray zones here and there. That’s the case with the sex business. In fact, you can get penetration at more than half of deriheru.

 At Korean clubs, however, the percentage amounts to almost 100 percent. In short, they don’t offer penetration, but do prostitution.

 By the way, the relationship between Japan and South Korea has been strained in recent years. People say it has had a major impact on sales of Korean clubs in Japan.

 Still, they have a strong life force. I think they will keep on surviving in Japan’s sex industry.

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