Glossary and Translation

 Here’s a list of terms used in Japan’s sex business. It doesn’t cover all, but does a huge piece.

 Native Japanese use these words.

 Of course, most of them are erotic ones. Enjoy.

Female Body

“oppai おっぱい” “chichi 乳” = boobs, breasts, tits
“kyonyu 巨乳” = big boobs
“chikubi 乳首 ” = nipples
“inmou 陰毛” “mange マン毛” = pubic hair
“manko まんこ” “asoko あそこ” = pussy, cunt
“paipan パイパン” = shaved pussy
“seiki 性器” = genitalia
“shiri 尻” = buttocks, behind
“ketsu ケツ” = ass

Money Related

“ryoukin 料金” = price
“ryoukinhyou 料金表” = price list
“koosu コース” = course, session

“nyuukaikin 入会金” = admission fee
“shimei 指名” = nomination (to choose a woman)
“shimeiryou 指名料” = nomination fee (price which occurs when you do the above)
“honshimei 本指名” = re-nomination (to choose a woman who served you before)
“honshimeiryou 本指名料” = re-nomination fee (price which occurs when you do the above)
“enchou 延長” = extention
“enchouryou 延長料” = extention fee

“koutsuuhi 交通費” = traveling expense
“hoterudai ホテル代” = hotel charge
“kyanseruryou キャンセル料” = cancel charge

Website Terms

“zaisekihyou 在籍表” “kyasuto キャスト” “onnanoko 女の子” = enrollment (introduction of all women)
“purofiiru プロフィール” = profile
“syukkinhyou 出勤表” = schedule (when women will be at work)
“sisutemu システム” = system (what they offer and basic instructions)
“rankingu ランキング” = ranking
“ibento イベント” = event (special offer)
“ankeeto アンケート” = questionnaire
“uketsuke 受付” = front desk, reception
“uketsukeannai 受付案内” “akusesu アクセス” “mappu マップ” = (how to visit the front desk)
“syame-nikki 写メ日記” = photo diary (mainly taken with mobile phone)


“panti パンティ” = panty
“pansuto パンスト” = pantyhose
“gaataa ガーター” = garters
“hounyou 放尿” “seisui 聖水” “oshikko おしっこ” = pissing
“onanii オナニー” = masturbation
“gansha 顔射” = facial ejaculation
“gokkun ごっくん” = sperm swallowing
“eiefu AF” = anal intercourse

“rootaa ローター” = small vibrator
“baibu バイブ” = dildo-like vibraor
“denma 電マ” = big vibrator made as massager

Specific Actions

“fera フェラ” “ferachio フェラチオ” = blow job, oral sex
“namafera 生フェラ” = blow job without condom
“tamaname 玉舐め” = ball licking
“anaruname アナル舐め” = anus licking
“tekoki 手コキ” = hand job
“sumata 素股” = (combination of intercrural sex and hand job)
“honban 本番” = penetration (to put the penis into the vagina)
“zenshinrippu 全身リップ” = licking the whole body with tongue
“rooshonpurei ローションプレイ” = action using lubricant gel
“kounaihassha 口内発射” = ejaculation inside mouth
“museigenhassha 無制限発射” = unlimited ejaculation
“paizuri パイズリ” = tit job, tit fucking
“yubiire 指入れ” “teman 手マン” = finger fucking
“kunni クンニ” = pussy eating
“sanpii 3P” = threesome (two women for one man)
“gyakusanpii 逆3P” = reverse threesome (two men and one woman)

 If you’d like to know the meaning of the words that are not here, feel free to ask me.

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