Printout Tools

 The language barrier is the biggest obstacle.

 I made communication tools for offline purpose.

 Tap or click the images to download the PDF files for printing out.

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You to Doorman
Clerk to You
Written Pledge
You to Clerk

You to Doorman

 Many sex establishments, soapland in particular, station a doorman at the entrance. When you recognize him, show this. If the answer is yes, that would be the first step.


Clerk to You

 Just after you stand at a front-desk receptionist, hand him this printout first.

 All you have to do is just hand it to him. The first paragraph explains why you did so and how to use it.


Written Pledge

 After handing the clerk the printout above, write your signature on this in front of him.

 Staff are most concerned about customers breaking rules and hurting female workers. By putting down your name, you promise to abide by the rules and treat the woman you’re going to meet nicely.

 Then, hand it to him. Give him a little bow.

 Why do I suggest you do this?

 Because no foreigners do it. I’ve never seen or heard of any. You will create a great impact.

 “This man is different.” “Maybe he’s alright.”

1. Soapland


2. Herusu


3. Pinsaro


You to Clerk

 I made the last one for you.


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