Law on Buying Sex

 I personally think that Japan’s sex industry will become extinct in the near future. However, it’s going to take at least 30 years or so. I don’t think it’ll come true in the next few years. There are some reasons for it, one of which is that the authorities are getting tougher and tougher on the industry each year.

buyingwomeninfrance I read a news report that a prostitution law had passed in France. It now prohibits buying women there. It punishes men who did so, not women who sell their body.

 It’s far away from Japan, but it’s not so surprising. I feel the same kind of thing might be happening overseas: the sex business has been having difficulty keeping the business running.

 As for the Japanese law, it’s also illegal to buy women. Although it’s banned, there are no punishments. It’s defined as wrong, but you get no penalty.

 Which means you can buy sex in Japan as much as you like. If you have sex during a session of herusu service, where no penetration is offered superficially, you are totally innocent. If you get to know girls online through dating sites, meet them at love hotels and get laid with them, no one can punish you.

 The only one exception is age: younger than 18 years old. If you pay money to be in bed with a 17-year-old or younger, you will be under arrest immediately. Even if you don’t know about the age, you won’t be exempt from sentence. Ages older than 17 years old cause no legal burden for men in Japan when it comes to prostitution.

 By the way, it seems Japan is one of the most pedophiliac countries in the world. A government survey conducted years ago showed that 9 percent of men had watched or possessed some sorts of child porn. We often see news about criminal cases on minors. Just days ago, the police found a 23-year-old guy unlawfully confined a girl for years.

 Although it’s illegal, it’s true that some earn a lot of money by picking up girls on the street and introduce them to shops and clubs. Media covers them on a regular basis, and people I know told me about some cases.

 Anyway, at the current moment, you have no need to hesitate at all in a legal manner when you explore sexual pleasure in Japan.

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