List of Gaijin-Friendly Sex Shops – How it Developed

 I’ve launched this website partly because I wanted to do something nobody else had done.

 I like the English language and have been studying it for a long time. I’ve never had a teacher. I just teach myself. I don’t think my English skill is good.

 There are tons of people who are more fluent. Many live in English-speaking countries, and others have a foreign parent. Some can think in English.

 I like the Internet. I’m open to technical things.

 Making sites itself doesn’t mean much. So I did some Internet businesses such as affiliate. But they didn’t work that well.

 Without noticing, however, I found myself able to launch and manage a website like this you’re reading on my own.

 I have some experience in the sex business. It’s been roughly 7 years.

 I got into this industry because I was in debt. At first, I had a prejudice against such underground jobs. I also thought half of my life would be over once I had begun working inside the industry.

 Today, I think it was one of the best choices in my life. I’ve experienced a lot of things I couldn’t have in other fields. I’ve learned interesting things I wouldn’t have if I weren’t here now.

 It widened my perspective in a good sense.

 A sex establishment I worked for was open to non-Japanese customers because of the manager’s policy.

 However, no other staff members spoke English. Before I was there, they had accepted only foreigners who spoke Japanese.

 Talking with them made me realize that most sex clubs in Japan turn them away at the entrance. I thought it might be interesting to do something for them to get sexual service smoothly.

 It’s been around 20 years since the Internet started to became widespread in Japan. The idea came to the mind of an ordinary guy like me. I assumed somebody had already launched a business of the kind. And I searched the Web.

 There was none. What’s more, there were no websites in English covering Japan’s sex industry and created by an insider. Although some portal sites exist which carry information of clubs open to foreigners, none of them are informative enough.

 I thought, “I will do it, then”

 Tons of people have better Japanese proficiency than I do. The same goes with Internet skill. I have some experience in the sex business, but I’ve never managed a shop. All of the three skills are lukewarm, but few can combine them together.

 Not many can begin in the first place. No rivals exist. That’s why I thought it would work.

 First, I needed to find out if there is a need. It’s no use doing what’s not needed. I didn’t want to waste time and effort.

 Just after I launched this website, I set a voting system like this.


 I had just several viewers a day. About three weeks later, I got 50 results.


 92 percent of voters answered yes. I judged it would be worth trying.

 Next, I needed to find out how much it would be worth.

 I had to throw away self-righteousness. I believe you should be objective when deciding money-related matters. Otherwise, nothing will last long.

 I set the second voting system as follows…


 … and set these options.


 I thought 40,000 yen was a little too expensive. But the impression was subjective. To get objective opinions, it would be worthwhile.

 Days later, the result turns out the following.


 Votes for 40,000 yen were more than I had expected. It was beyond imagination. I tried widening the price range.


 I raised the ceiling by 10,000 yen. I thought if I offer a guide service, that 50,000 yen would be the limit for one session. Any higher charge would make it too demanding.

 At that time, I had a bit more traffic. I get a certain number of votes faster than the Yes-No question.

 Here’s the result of 200 voters.


 People who chose 50,000 yen were more than I had imagined, which surprised me a bit.

 Based on the result, I calculated which price would be the most profitable.

 I chose countries which has no big difference in monetary value from Japan. Those with lower value or living standard would naturally tend to vote for lower prices.


 Votes from the United States were the most. I had a consciousness of North Americans as target customers. Their results are highlighted in yellow.

 The calculation concludes 20,000 to 25,000 yen is the most profitable. I was going to quit if it was 15,000 or lower. I’ve judged it’s worth pursuing seriously.

 In terms of service, one of the most important things is to know which sex establishments accept non-Japanese clients.

 You can offer service without it. In order to provide as good service as possible, however, I thought I needed to become through.

 I didn’t want to act passive. I searched actively.

 First, I used my experience and knowledge as an insider. Next, I turned to my acquaintances and their connections. The effort worked but covered only one-tenth.

 Then, I made hundreds of phone calls to sex clubs in Tokyo, including Shinjuku, Yoshiwara and Shibuya. It’s been still going on.

 In the process, I thought maybe the information itself had enough value to sell.

 When someone decides to travel to Japan, they prepare days or weeks in advance in most cases. It would be helpful to choose beforehand.

 I believe most people don’t want to leave everything up to others. They want to make their own choices when they can.

 If they have a list of sex clubs which accept non-Japanese people, they can choose far away from Japan.

 I decided to sell the list.

 Again, I set a voting to find out the most profitable price.


 The highest option was 8,000 yen. It felt too much to me, then.


 Here’s the result.


 People who found it worth over 8,000 yen might be more than I had expected. So I added higher options…


 … and 200 votes turned out like the following.


 It sells online. It’s not very expensive. It targets every country.

 The result shows more than 1 in 4 people finds it worth 10,000 yen.

 I’d like to make it expensive. If I get the same or similar profit, I will choose a higher price.

 According to years of experience as an insider, financial leeway equals mental. Customers who ask for a discount of the lowest price are the most likely to cause troubles. Female workers complain about them most often, too.

 I believe higher price is necessary in the sex business in many senses.

 Plus, I decided to add an extra value. Guide service is available only for those who have the list.

 The list lets clients make their own choices, and lets me focus on their talk. It also makes discussions smoother.

 That’s how the list of foreigner-friendly sex clubs in Tokyo was created, and how the prices were decided.

 I tried to act objective. What do you think?

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