7 Portal Sites of Exclusive Sex Clubs

 You get what you pay for.

 It applies to Japan’s sex industry, too.

 If you pay more money, you get more beautiful ladies and better service.

 Because of the long-term economic depression, “super discount clubs” tend to increase in recent years. At the same time, expensive ones continue to exist.

 Here are portal sites majorly covering exclusive sex establishments. Most of the establishments covered here is deri-heru.

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VIP Deri-heru


Koukyuu Deri-heru TOP10 Ranking

Koukyuu Deri-heru .JP

Koukyuu Deri-heru navi

Koukyuu Deri-heru Digest

 I wasn’t able to find any information sites covering exclusive soaplands, though they’ve been popular for a longer time. If you’re interested, tell me.

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