Local Characters Of The Tokyo Area

 The area composed of Tokyo and its surrounding prefectures is not that large, from a global point of view.

 It has several red-light districts, each of which has their own characteristics.

 Shinjuku Ward is probably the most well-known among others. Along with the epicenter called Kabuki-cho, it has everything except for soapland.

 It always conveys an atmosphere of pleasure to Japanese people’s minds. It also comes with other kinds of underground things such as drugs.

 You could say it symbolizes Japan’s adult industry in many ways.

map When it comes to soapland, Yoshiwara comes out on top. There are some other areas in other prefectures densely populated with the bathhourses, but no others are bigger.

 The average price in Shibuya Ward is the highest of all the neighborhoods. It has a lot of exclusive clubs.

 One of the reasons is over half of Japan’s porn movie companies are found there. Many porn stars work as female workers at sex establishments, whose price tends to get higher.

 It’s a trendsetting city of Japan’s pop and fashion cultures, too. It gives us an impression of high-quality or premium accents.

 On the other hand, Ikebukuro’s price is the lowest. That’s partly because of its good traffic accessibility from other prefectures, where salary is a lot lower than Tokyo. Many sex establishments there target low-income men.

 It has a number of clubs offering “soft service,” like blow-job or hand-job alone, which of course are cheaper than full service.

 You could say that Uguisudani is an area of Korean and mature. The two comprise about half of the sex establishments there.

 It’s also famous for full service. Over 90 percent of clubs there don’t offer penetration from the outside. It’s illegal to do so. But there’s no telling what’s going on behind closed doors between a man and a woman.

 It’s an unspoken rule that soapland offers everything. Uguisudani is located very close to the mecca of soapland in Tokyo. They can’t carry on business if they stick to legislation.

 The district called Gotanda is not famous overseas but very hot in Japan’s sex industry. It’s especially known for specialty shops. It reminds me of perverted sexuality.

 For example, it has the most clubs specializing in sadomasochism compared to other districts. Rumor has it that not a small number of TV celebrities frequent such places.

 Kamata, located near Gotanda, is called “the last lowless area in Tokyo” by me and my friends. There used to be a lot of “full-sex pinsaro clubs” throughout Japan, which are naturally illegal. Originally, pinsaro offers blow-job alone. The police clamped down almost all of them. Few that have left are still found in Kamata.

 While you’re at it, I worked for years in Yokohama Prefecture, next to Tokyo. It conveys an air of high fashion or stylish life in general.

 Many girls commuted to the clubs I worked for all the way from Ikebukuro. I asked some of them why.

 They told me customers in Ikebukuro as a whole tend to act rough. They’re too desperate to get the most out of hard-earned opportunities. On the other hand, those in Yokohama are very nice to them.

 I think mental and financial rooms often have a lot in common.

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