Attitude Toward Fuzokujo

 Here are some pieces of advice about how to behave when you’re with female sex workers.

 I myself didn’t care about these things before working in the sex business.

What Not To Do

nottodo1. No preaching
 Some customers preach female workers to get out of “such a job” during a session.

 They are unaware of a theory. What about the fact they paid a lot of money to have fun with “such a job”?

 Preaching doesn’t impress them at all.

2. No private questions
 It’s alright for women to tell you, but don’t ask about private life.

 In particular, avoid asking for proper nouns and inquiring about the reason they’re in the sex industry.

 After becoming friendly through a few sessions, it’s up to you.

3. No questions about real-life relationship
 You pay for a momentary relationship. Female workers work hard to please you.

 You don’t have to bring up a wet blanket.

4. No bragging about sexual skill
 Almost all the female sex workers agree.

 Customers who boast about their technique are not good in bed.

 They do what porn actors do. Adult movies are made to entertain men, not women.

5. Don’t talk about other women
 Some customers easily say that they met with other women in the same establishment.

 That’s too lame. You don’t need to mention it.

 Just tell them, “You’re the only one.”

What’s Recommended

recommended1. Clean yourself up
 Do you think there’s no need to take a shower in advance, because during sessions you have to either way?

 If you’d like to impress female workers, you might like to take a shower beforehand.

2. Do your nails
 More than half of customers visit sex establishments with their nails undone. Would you feel happy when someone sticks a long-nailed finger inside you?

 Please cut and file your nails.

3. Trim your nose hair
 Nose hair turns off even a love that lasted a hundred years.

 It takes just a few seconds to check your nose in a mirror.

4. Ease pain
 Female sex workers get in bed with several clients in one day. Men are unconscious of their own muscle strength.

 Many women complain about pain in their sensitive parts, the nipples, clitoris and vagina.

 The female body should be treated gently.

5. Be thankful
 You pay money. You should be served.

 I know.

 It wouldn’t hurt, however, to say “Thank you.” Too many men won’t.

 Let’s be just a little bit more thankful.

6. Ladies first
 Japanese men are bad at this. You people from overseas are much better.

 Treat Japanese female sex workers nicely. Make them feel happier. And they’ll respond quickly by serving you better.

 They’re happy, and you’re happy, too. It’s a win-win situation.

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