For Foreigners

 Most Japanese sex establishments don’t welcome foreign people.

 One of the causes is that Japanese people as a whole are not used to them.

 Staff are concerned that troubles might occur.

 In essense, such concerns originate from female sex workers. They’re reluctant to meet non-Japanese customers.

Why Fuzokujoes Want to Avoid Foreign Men?

whyreluctant I have talked with several women who did offer service to men from overseas. I’m going to sum up here what they have to say.

1. Inability at Languages

 Few speak other languages in Japan.

 This website tackles the issue to some extent. But I can’t eliminate it completely.

 The point is, female sex workers don’t want to experience something frightening.

 Remember that when you speak fast or loud to women who you’re unable to communicate with verbally, that you’re scaring them.

 Please try not to scare them. Speak slow and gently.

 Make them relax, and you’ll enjoy more.

2. Some Acted Rough

 The average Japanese customers are calm. Very few are violent.

 I wouldn’t like to write such things.

 These are, however, what Japanese female sex workers actually told me.

 So let me be blunt here.

 Several non-Japanese customers, American and European in particular, acted out violently during sessions.

 Not all but some grabbed women’s hair and force them to do a blow job. Others forcibly opened their legs to insert the penis at herusu. There were also men who stuck the long-nailed fingers into their anus without any notice.

 I’ll note down what I heard exactly.

 “I’m Asian, so I felt he looked down on me.” “I’m sure he disrespected me because I do this job.” “He said ‘bitch.’ I know I am! Just don’t say it!”

 You must be different. You are not such kinds of person, are you?

 On the other hand, there were foreign clients who left favorable impression. They treated them like queens and made them feel special. A fuzokujo told me, “so, I did a lot more than usual for him!”

 I believe you’re the latter type.

3. Tendency to Break Rules

 The probability of non-Japanese men committing what’s forbidden or forcing what should be paid options is higher than that of Japanese.

 It’s because of their lack of knowledge, and staff’s lack of explanation, both majorly caused by the language barrier.

 Read through this website, and you’ll get almost all the information you need.

4. Body Odor

 Most foreigners have stronger odor than the average Japanese. We smell weaker than you imagine.

 It’s an ethnic characteristic. No one’s to blame.

 I’d just like you to understand that Japanese women are not used to stronger odor.

 So if you can, you might like to take a shower beforehand, so that the woman you’re going to meet can serve you better.

 I know it’s a bother. You will take showers at the beginning and end of a session, anyway.

 But, if there’s something you can do in advance to get the most out of the time you’ll buy, it’ll be worth doing it.

5. Larger Penis

 As a man, I envy you.

 It’s another ethnic characteristic.

 Surveys show that Asians have the smallest penis in the world. The average Americans, Africans and Europeans are a few centimeters larger than us in the size of the male genitalia.

 Here again, Japanese women are not used to it.

 If you like, please give them a little consideration.

I Feel …

ifeel From a foreign point of view, Japan might be a male-dominated society.

 The concept of “ladies first” wasn’t born here. Activities like woman’s lib haven’t spread. European and American countries are more steps forward in the advancement of women.

 I personally feel that foreign men can take care of fuzoujoes better than Japanese guys.

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