General Rules

 Let me write about some rules in Japan’s sex industry. I’d like everyone, both Japanese and non-Japanese, to keep these things in mind.

Common Prohibited Matters

regulations Every single sex establishment shares the following regulations.

 ・You have to be 18 years of age or older.
 ・No drug addiction.
 ・No sexual transmitted disease.
 ・No relations to organized crime groups.
 ・No violence accepted.
 ・You must not ask out or recruit women.
 ・You should never do what women don’t like.

 Other than these, when you choose a sex club, be sure to view its website to find out what you can and cannot do there.

Abide by Codes

abideby What kind of customers are despised the most by staff and female workers?

 It’s simple.

 Those who break rules.

 Those who don’t follow what they say.

 Those who ignore price lists, ask for a discount, try to extend time over the paid length, refuse showers at the beginning and end of a session, bring sex toys which should be “options” or force penetration at herusu establishments …

 In my experience, women complain most loudly about customers who tried to get a discount of the cheapest price. In fact, such men most often commit forced penetration or rape at herusu.

 Don’t do off-menu things. Follow what women and staff tell you.

Be Punctual

clock When you have a reservation, keep to the minute.

 People say Tokyo is the most punctual city in the world. Every train arrives without a minute’s delay.

 If you’re just one minute late for a reservation, and unless you told the club you were going to be, they most certainly think less of you. They might even cancel the reservation.

 They feel men who can’t keep to time break rules easily. Next time you use the same club, they possibly wouldn’t let you make reservations again.

 Please be punctual.

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