Merchandise Management at Sex Clubs

 Sex establishments sell service.

 The service originates from female sex workers.

 Without them, nothing happens. Sex clubs being in operation means they are showing up for work at the moment.

 It might be a cynical viewpoint, but they’re merchandise in a business way. It’s the same with commodities carried in retailers.

 It took me months after getting into the sex industry to realize this. I think few businesses are more difficult to manage merchandise than sex establishments.

 Insiders have to control human beings like you. They have a life, desire and a lot of matters.

 Plus, they’re women. I believe they give men the greatest happiness. At the same time, they could create the biggest troubles.

 Staff at sex establishments have to control the troublesome item day in and day out.

 To top it all off, they’re not ordinary women. They’re sex workers.

 Basically, they’re not special. More and more women get into the sexual workforce without thinking seriously.

 There’s been no precise statistics or researches so far. Judging from some books, it seems like one out of fifteen women in Japan have worked in the sex business. Few of them come out publicly, because they want to protect their reputation. I think working sexually is more or less a major occupation.

 Governmental figures show one third of unmarried women in Japan suffer from poverty. They find it hard to make their living by themselves. It’s no wonder the long-term recession cause them to serve as sex workers to make more money.

 More women than imagined are involved in the sex business. They are just another people who have chosen to perform sexual acts with heterosexuals they don’t even like in exchange for money.

 However, working sexually undermines spirit. Although every type of jobs cause fatigue, the mental instability of female workers in the sex business is far greater than any other area.

 They could feel horrible by thinking they’re lowering themselves to earn money. They could have a guilty conscience due to a job which they can’t tell their parents about. They could have difficulty going out with boyfriends because they make love with men they’re not in love with.

host As a result, many sex workers turn to “hosts.”

 In Japan, there’s an occupation called hosts. They are showy and good-looking men who serve at “host clubs.” They have chats and drinks in return for a large amount of money. They make clients feel happy by treating them like queens and so on.

 Sex workers use femininity. Hosts masculinity. In part, they have something in common.

 It’s not unusual to meet fuzokujoes who get or are made deeply in debt because of hosts. Such women can’t help but continue to work in the sex business.

 They could become ill mentally and physically. They could suffer from human relationships. Any kind of troubles might come up in their private lives.

 Not a small number of sex workers are prone to illness. Some have back luck with men. Others experience domestic violence.

 By the way, about 80 percent of them smoke.

 To control such a troublesome merchandise, someone has to take charge.

 Usually, senior staff take care of the women enrolled. At some clubs, a few share the task. At others, all the staff engage in it.

takecharge In most cases, one or two senior members exchange e-mail addresses and phone numbers with all the sex workers they have. They are in charge of merchandise management.

 Women have a weakness for men with power. Being bosses itself is a big advantage.

 The most important thing in management is to make female workers show up for work according to the convenience of staff.

 What’s good for staff doesn’t always work for women. When the number of attendance is low, they need to make more of them at work. When it’s high conversely, they need to cut down some.

 The way to deal with it specifically varies. Trust is a must. The most basic is to make them think much of you.

 Spoiling them gets nowhere. It just makes them more selfish. They think nothing of breaking promises. They easily cancel the schedule they themselves make. They don’t even apologize.

 In a Japanese way, you have to use both “candies and whips.” If you use them incorrectly, they vanish to other clubs swiftly. It’s a very important task.

 The second most important thing is to improve the service of female workers.

 This is more about verbal education rather than training sessions written in a previous post.

 Women basically hate physical sex training. With implication of the physical means as the last resort, and based on voices of customers and answers to questionnaires, staff educate them verbally to please customers more.

 It never works without trust or respect.

 It might be easier to understand if you think like this.

 Think about the women you went out with in the past. How much control did you have of them? How many times did they do what you wanted them to do?

 Staff in charge of merchandise management at sex establishments are obligated to have as much control of dozens of women as possible.

 It takes a terrible amount of effort. Showing up and going home on time is absolutely impossible. They could call them anytime and anywhere.

 Some play for attention. Others want to have a lengthy phone chat just to feel less lonely. You can’t ignore them.

 A sudden phone call could be a report of trouble. You have to help them.

 If you ignore, trust and respect will disappear.

 To make a fortune in Japan’s sex business, it’s necessary to know how to take care of women, or mentally unstable sex workers.

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